Tuesday, December 26, 2006


After 2004 I didn’t do another summary for 2005 because I couldn’t bear to relive that year again. In 2005 I started the year off with losing my Grandfather and things went down hill from there. Professionally it was a tough year because I stopped enjoying what I was doing, that then had a flow on effect to other things in my life and I didn’t like the negative person that I was becoming (don't get me wrong the year wasn't all bad but I was glad when it ended).
My friends will have heard me say time and time again that a person is only allowed to complain about their job for so long before they must do something about it. I wasn’t particularly looking for a new job, it all just happened and for all the times that you hear people say ‘things happen for a reason’ well I'm living proof.
2006 started off with a Bang! I didn't know at the time, but my photos on the night captured the building where I would start working 2 months later.
Changing jobs changed my life! The pay was fair and shorter travel time plus shorter core hours meant that I now reclaimed back 15 hours a week. This gave me back a lot more ‘me’ time and restored the balance back in my life. I caught up with my old manager some time in May and she couldn’t believe the change in me, my happiness beamed from within and nothing could wipe the stupid grin from my face.

It was in February that I had ‘That Talk’ with Mum and 4 months later Jacky and I made an offer on our first home. In June we celebrated our 8 year anniversary and in July we moved in together.
Learning to live together wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, the first couple of months was challenging, but now that we have settled in moving out has been everything that I dreamt it would be and more. I love our house and I love being home.

I was just so content with everything….and then came the proposal.

In a period of 9 months both Jacky and I changed jobs, bought a house, moved out and are now getting married...a big year? A massive year! I am so grateful for everything that has happened.

Other highlights of 2006 include:

A few small thank yous...
  • Mum, you taught me to work hard and aim as high as I can.
  • Sophia for keeping me grounded and never being afraid to speak your mind.
  • Ex Hudson Guys - what would I do without you all??
  • Mingo & Angii - for just always being there.
  • Grumpy Face - glad to see you smiling, serendipity indeed!
  • Tash - for always cracking me up.
  • Mark - for letting me laugh at you =P and being a good sport.
  • Sarah - for reading all my crazy emails and not pressing delete.
  • The girls - we're growing up & growing old together.
  • Helen - for all your wonderful food posts! Something I always look forward to reading.
  • All the Xanga Guys and Gals, you know who you are! - new friends and old.
  • Muz - not being bored to death when I talk about food & knives for hours.
  • Tim - your cartoons.
  • Jacky - You are my rock.
So that's it for another year, I almost scared for 2006 to end but you know it only gets better from here. My goal for 2007? I'm going to try slow things down a bit and really take time out to enjoy things and focus on experiences.


Anonymous said...

hope 2007 is even better!
- Ken

Reverend said...

What a year, hey? :-) Glad to have been around to enjoy it with you!

Here's to 2007.


DJ Ho said...

I'm suprised at the amount of things you did in 2006. everyweek seemed like there was something going on! Have a good NYE and see you in 2007!

Anonymous said...

The internet here in HK is dead due to an earthquake somewhere - the only sites I can access are smh.com.au and, for some reason, your blog!

2006 was a massive year - congratulations! I think I'm going to steal your format when I can access xanga again...


PiCkLeS said...

Ken: Thanks and all the best to you too!

Tim: I'll drink to that!

Matt: feels like it too, just gets busier and busier...this my desire to take it easy in 2007 (wishful thinking..)

Matty: hahaha lol all the important sites i see! Thanks again for everything in 2006 and steal away because i got the initial idea to do a end of year run down from your blog anyway.

trish said...

wow. when you put it all in one post like that....that's crazy. here i am struggling with one little change at a time....

maybe i'll try your style in 2007...

- Joel (not Trish, too lazy to log out of her account)

m1ng said...

Cheers to the days 2006, bring on 2007!

Happy New Year! :)

Food For Life said...

Happy New Year Pickos! So many achievements for you in 2006. :)Congratulations on all of them esp. the engagement. Here's to 2007! And yeah, moving in with a boy is kinda tough.. you gotta train them ;) j/k


PS. Happy new year from Lindy too!!