Monday, January 01, 2007

A diamond night in Emerald City

There is something pretty cool about having Access Passes to areas other people can't go. By 4:30pm most people were already locked out of the Circular Quay area. After my final Baku shift for 2006 Jacky and I headed down to Deana's, desserts in hand and ready for a big night.
Location: 1 Macquarie St Circular Quay

Our View

Circular Quay never looked more beautiful, my work building is the one in the middle, we were going to watch the fireworks from there but...nahhh (good thing we didn't). We were so glad the rain held out.

The crowd below had been waiting since the early morning if not the night before, the area was so full it was sectioned off at midday.

Deana & her helpers spent all day cooking....what an awesome effort! The food was amazing.

What's a new years party without alcohol??

You've all heard of tequila shots with salt and lemon, but give this one a go - Cinnamon sugar, tequila & orange

then drink

and drink some more - so much fun!

Then came the 9:00pm fireworks - 'oohhh, ahhh'

Watching the fireworks made us all hungry, so Dee brought out the dessert! home made creme caramel, home made toffee & chocolate profiteroles and mango pudding with whipped cream.

Someone found some party hats from somewhere and the craziness and photo taking began.
"Bethanites say cheese!" there were so many attempts to take this shot, no one could keep a straight face and we would keep bursting out into fits of laughter. The girls bought Dee a special tiara with feathers to match her emerald outfit for her night in the Emerald City.

The boys wouldn't stop chanting "Jacky! Jacky! Jacky!" all night (like they were at a soccer match) and complementing Jacky on his 'tripod'. During one of the photos Adrian gave him a wet willy....this proves that age is not a sign of anything!

"Who loves Katina!?!"

The count down began...10..9..8............4..3..2..1..........

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fireworks burst from the roof top at work, we all broke into hugs and kisses to farewell 2006 and welcome 2007! It was an amazing feeling.
I just love New Years....our city is one spectacular place! Overall I think the 2006 fireworks were better with the whole waterfall under the bridge effect....but it was still an awesome display.

When the fire works ended we turned one of the bedrooms into our own dance floor and partied on for a few more hours.

It was such a fantastic way to farewell 2006, I don't remeber the last time that I had so much fun at a new years party. The food, the view and the people....such funny people! I laughed all night and started 2007 laughing. Jacky and I stumbled back home at about 3:30am which was actually pretty early considering the occassion.....what a night!

Deana Thank you. You are so wonderful in so many ways and always the perfect hostess!

Photo Album here.


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Happy New Year Emily! Here's to a tasty and delicious 2007 :)

jeut said...


looks like you guys had a blast. :D

chocolatesuze said...

dude what fantastic fotos! you guys mustve had an incredible view! and ill be sure to try the cinnamon sugar, tequilla and orange soon happy new year!

PiCkLeS said...

Helen: Thank you and keep up the great posting!!

Jeut: I hope everything in 07 works out better for you!

Suze:Happy New Year to you too, the view was really great! It was just a great night overall. Happy eating for 2007!

Belly said...

Happy New Year girls! You all look amazing on the photos...i luv the tiaras! I sure do miss Sydney fireworks for NYE...London ones just don't compare!!
Luv Belly

Betty said...

Happy New Years Ems! Another fabulous way to ring in the new year!
P.S loving that red colour in you!


Jen said...

Hey Emily~ Happy new year! Looks like you had a great night. By the way, I love your photos on the fireworks :-P

ChiLLii` said...

Happy New Year!!!
Awsome fotos there Emz.. melb's fire work is nothing compare to syd's.. syd's firework is just so amazing.. how lucky are you guyz to have such a great view..
Happy 2007! May this be a year filled with joy, lauhter, happiness and success for both you and jacky.. :)

PiCkLeS said...

Belly: The photos in the newspapers of London Eye look'd be quite the experience. Don't worry only 4 months till your home then you can finally come check out our place!

Betty: ahha thanks Betty influenced by Jenny to wear more colour.

Jen: Thanks Jen having experience new years in a few countries i finally realised how great the Sydney ones were, so no more staying at home.

Mandi: Happy New year to you too! the photos along the Yarra looked really nice! See you next time your in Syd.

MissK said...

Who's lucky enough to live there?What an awesome view and great photos.
Happy New Year.