Monday, November 27, 2006

Andrew & Donna's Wedding

Work friend: “So what did you do on the weekend Emily?”
Me : “Went to a wedding”
Work Friend: “What?? You go to a wedding every weekend!”
Me :Pretty much”

But you know what? I just love weddings, each one is unique in its own way and the personalities of the couples usually shine through with what they choose to do on the day.

On Saturday we attended the wedding of one of Jacky’s WOW mates, this was our last wedding for 2006. The reception was held at Crystal Palace in Canley Vale with 360 guests. I didn't know many people and I forgot to bring the flash, so after a while I decided to put the camera away to just enjoy everything.
A few photos from the night...

The bridal waltz

It's tradition at Asian weddings for the bride to change a few times, here were her dresses.

Finally, a Rendition of 'Loving you' by the groom and his groomsmen hand actions and all.

Congratulations Donna & Andrew!

Some more fuzzy photos here

Some other Weddings of 2006
Annabel & Caleb
Emma & Darren
Roula & Anderee
Barbara & Edgar


Sophia said...

That actually looks like a pretty nice place!

reverendtimothy said...

Where's your usual food run down? hehe!

It looks beautiful.

And what's with all the weddings? Something in the water? The moon? I dunno. Hahaha. I mean that for you AND me. I have another wedding this weekend too. Crazy!

PiCkLeS said...

Sophia: It was really big, the MC was hilarious.

Tim: hahha i know....i took a few shots but with 10 courses i think i got distracted along the way somewhere. When are you in Sydney again? 6th?

reverendtimothy said...

Later now... I don't think we're leaving until the Thursday or Friday, which means I'll be in Saturday at the latest.

Mmmm abalone! :-P