Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve 2005

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 1, Macquarie St (aka The Toaster) was the place to be on new years eve 2005. Great people, fabulous food, all you can drink and a magnificent view! Big thanks to Dee and Family for such a great way to end 2005.

Looking Lovely ladies!

The crowd below

The view...

9:00pm fireworks

When you go to a party hosted by Italian's you can guarantee great food.

Home made antipastos (perfectly roasted with a hint of garlic and a generous amount of olive oil), homemade lasagne (you just can't compare homemade to what you eat when you go out!) there was also schnitzel, chicken skewers, a meat wrap with bread crumbs plus a lot more.

The desserts...I was having such a good night that I forgot to pay attention to what I was actually eating, one word...YUM!

I liked the theme - It meant something... all the little boats on the harbour also had love heart lights, it was a beautiful sight.

This was taken as we were making our way back to the car; the crowd drew my attention for a few reasons. It reminded me the time Jacky and I walked back to our hotel hand in hand after celebrating new years in Time Square, New York. What the photo doesn't capture is the music and excitement of everyone dancing in the street; all races all ages. It was such a fabulous sight, it’s what the real Australia is all about.

Happy 2006 everyone!!


M1NG said...

..just got home..Happy New Year! :D

princess_party said...

happy new year em! awesome photos of the fireworks there =) looks like u n jacky had a great nite =)

JY said...

Happppyy Newww Yeeearrr!

That view is aweesoommeee! Hope you had a mucho fun nye! =D That food looks absolutely divine too!

Sarah said...


Hope y'all are all having fun. May the year be filled with exciting things to come!!!

No one can do fireworks like Sydney!!!

Pwoider said...

those photos are amazing!
What a way to celebrate the NYE, in complete style ~ beautiful women, gorgeous views (inside and outside :), delicious food and alcohol!

Bosco said...

Hey friend of Emily's, Any interest in offloading the apartment as a rediculously low price?

happy new year

PiCkLeS said...

Happy new year everyone!! thanks for the well wishes I'm excited about 2006 I think that it'll be a good year! and Bosco if Dee ever decides to offload her apartment at a ridiculously low price I'm next in line =P

Congie said...

I like the pic where Jacky was photoshopped in to look like he was really there. X_x