Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dianna's 21st @ The Shangri-La

Last night was Di's 21st Birthday bash (21 gosh! so so young…). She looked stunning and an excellent night was enjoyed by all who attended. The food was sensational and Jacky seemed to eat right through the night from when we arrived to when we left (how much can one eat?!?!). I’m going to let my pictures do the talking – Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl we hope that you had a Fabulous night!

(Menu Click to enlarge, it's a JPG so your web browser may shrink to fit screen after it loads)

Joel was the clear dance floor King bringing out moves that would give MC Hammer a run for his money.

Though Muz and Chris came closely behind and deserve a special mention

For Larger photos visit my Gallery but be warned that the first 17 pics is all of food. For more photos keep your eye out on Trish's page (that girl has talent!)


Sophia said...

All that food looks so YUM :)

trish said...

!! =)

lookin' good! you, and the pics =P

Dianna said...

haha i love your photos toooo!!! =D =D =D


you guys put so much thought into it I cried when I saw the jewelry stand!!!
it's so prettttty, that colour is so hot right now and the bodywash and the photoand frame now stands proud on my dressing table. cant wait to see you on friday!!

PiCkLeS said...

Sophia: It was!! feel free to shout us dinner at Shangri-la any time that you want!

Trish: haha thank you!

Di: Glad that you liked it!

JC said... hammer...that's old school. i should've worn my parachute pants.