Saturday, December 02, 2006

ViV's 22nd @ Aurora Bar & Masuya

22....sooo young!
The night kicked off at Aurora Bar located behind Chifley Plaza, the birthday girl downed a few shots whilst Matty entertained Joe and myself retelling the story of a particular crotch grabbing incident. Joel on the other hand tried to rally support for Hovember in place of Movember for next year; needless to say that his idea was not a success with the girls.
At 8:00pm we headed off to Masuya for some much anticipated dinner. I love Masuya because it's a classy Japanese restaurant without the expensive price tag. It comfotably seated our group of 20 and the food came out super fast.


Beef tataki: $10.80 x 4
Spicy Karaage chicken: $9.80 x 4

Pipi Chilli & Garlic, $15.80 x 4
BBQ Calamari: $10.50 ea x 4


Tofu & Avocado salad: $8.80 x 4
Sushi & Sashimi deluxe: $27.80 x 4

Wagyu premium beef misoyaki: $28 x 2
Masuya chicken cutlet: $15.80 x 4

Wagyu premium beef teriyaki: $28 x 2
Tempura seafood: $16.80 x 4

Unaju BBQ Eel: $16.80 x 4
Birthday Girl with a lot of $$ x 1

Tash & I (She's leaving us for Melbourne soon.. booo)

There was so much food that people were rolling around moaning "I'm soo full..". The night was full of great laughs and great food, a perfect way to end the week. After dinner the young people kicked on for more drinks whilst the oldies like me went home.

Happy Birthday Viv!!

Masuya (Jan)

Masuya (April)

Basement Level
12-14 O'Connell St Sydney
PH:(02) 9235-2717


Vivien said...

Thanks Em! lovely photos, I love the one of our end of the table.

omgawd I have to tell you abt where Matty took me today. There's this steak place in the GPO building - Prime - the wagyu fillet - can't talk - best food in the world - memories overwhelming.. anyway, in sumamry I really think you guys should go there for your next special occasion. haha

Natasha said...

I was so full I thought I was going to pass out :(

Anonymous said...

last time i went there I was so full i couldn't walk when i left. Admittely i did have two meals - some kind of box set plus a chicken teriyaki plus a plate of sushi. I must have been very hungry that day.

m1ng said...

Glad to see you found your way there ok Emo =P

PiCkLeS said...

Viv: hope you had a lovely birthday! GPO can't wait till the firm X'mas party!!

Natasha: if only we could eat like that every day and not turn into a ball.

Matt: My all time favourite is the sapporo hot pot! a hot pot with soya bean milk yum yum yummmmm

Ming: Thanks for your help! hehhe i should have given you a shout out.