Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sheer Vanity

It’s only Tuesday and I am just really over this week, it must be the gloomy weather. Everyone has returned from the weekend with a new and crazy haircut, one lady’s hair went from dark brown to fire engine red.

On another note, for those who watched big brother recently you may have noticed Monica’s fluoro teeth. She had mentioned that she achieved this result by using the White strips you stick on your teeth. So, out or boredom or sheer insanity Jacky and I went out to buy a box each.  It’s a 2-week program where you leave the strips on twice a day for half an hour. After the two weeks your teeth may be lightened by up to 5 shades!
 It’s my second day today – it tastes horrible and I leave it on while I drive to work. I have yet to see any dramatic difference but it is still early days. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


It was 'Emily' day at Boost Juice today, I got my free smoothie and I am a happy girl!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Travel Blog

Hello Everyone!
I was deleting a lot of my old emails over the weekend and noticed that I had sent out alot of emails detailing my trip while I was away. In addition I would often just write diary entries in my email and save them as drafts. It seemed like such a pity to have them sit in my inbox all this time with no one to share them with.
So if anyone is interested, feel free to take a look at my travel blog (I think that I originally got this idea from Christine - thanks Christine) . I've also incuded some recent emails sent to me by my friends while they are overseas.
Be warned that I have posted the entries exactly as they were written so please excuse the childish language from the earlier posts.
Happy Reading