Friday, February 25, 2005


Went to Teppan-Yaki tonight, didn't do so great. Left with a wet Boob and egg all down my jeans. Had a great night and will have more pics soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Great Debate

On the drive home I asked Jacky why we never debated on more intellectual issues. Jacky gave me the O_o look and ask me ‘what brought this on?!?!’ I mentioned that I read Matty’s blog and that he and Vivien had recently debated over sports liability; the last thing we debated about was whether I should upgrade to a 19” LCD. (Being on the school debating team for 7 years I like a good debate).

Jacky then proceeded to give me the *Emily should really stop reading Matty’s blog* look. He pointed out that we did debate on intellectual issues quiet frequently and reminded me that the reason we stopped was because I always had to be right! When he didn’t agree I would sulk for the next few hours…

Ok he has a point.

Monday, February 14, 2005

That Special Feeling

What Girl wouldn't swoon when 18 long stem red Roses gets delivered to her work! I guess the ‘We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day’ rule was broken this year…but he’s forgiven.

Valentines 2005

To My Single Girls, Happy Valentines! Just letting you know that you are never alone and that there's always someone out there who loves you.

To My Special guy… Here is to celebrating our 7th Valentine's day together

'Cheers Big Ears!’

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Week In Review

Mondays are always hectic at work and by around 5:30pm I had a need for a real sugar fix. So I put 2 chocolate Turkish delight bars in the freezer to chill quickly so I could eat it on the way home. At 6:00pm I went to get them, they were gone… I see the 2 wrappers in the bin; SOMEONE ATE MY CHOCOLATE!

I wasn't too pleased that afternoon; people at work are generally pretty good about not eating other people’s food. The next day in conversation, I mentioned to my manager how strange it was that someone would eat my chocolate. When she found out the story she totally over reacted (as she does with most things) and called the office manager up to report what happened. I begged her to just leave it!

I get along with everyone in the office and the last thing that I wanted to do was make a mountain out of a mole hill and get some one in trouble. She said that eating other people’s food was not acceptable! And something should be done!

The next thing you see is a warning email being sent around to the office about staff stealing food and labelling food items to prevent this from happening again. As with all offices, gossip usually follows after such an email and the story went from a few chocolate bars to some one’s bottle of champagne?!?

I later found out who the chocolate thieves were…one of them must have been feeling pretty guilty because they secretly left this on my desk.

Kyle & Jackie O and the Auzzie Fab Five recently did a show near my work. At 8:00am in the Morning I managed to score myself a free sausage sizzle, a Nudie smoothie and a choc top ice cream. 2dayFM were also doing the whirlwind competition where you got the chance to win 1 million dollars. The first girl won $50,000 and the audience were each given a raffle ticket for their chance to step in the box.
My heart stopped for a second when they called out …Green….D….8! And the guy right next to me Jumped up and yelled ‘Me! Me!’….so close but so far…..*sigh* (I had the Green, had the D but number 40)

Kyle & Jackie O and the ticket that never was


The picture below has been put here to prove that it is in fact possible for Sarah to get a tan! For those who don't know Sarah, her blinding whiteness has beared the brunt of many jokes. Her newly acquired tan (thanks to a holiday at Club Med) is a first in 23 years!

I was asked to take a photo to document this once off phenomenon!


Going to watch Nessa Morgan play tonight at The Basement. Should be good.