Monday, March 27, 2006

Kanye West @ Horden Pavilion

We were excited! Originally the plan was that we would meet up with Joel at 5:00pm, have dinner at Fox & Lion then make our way to the show. We got there at 5 and the line was already round the corner. Because we were eager beavers I waited in line whilst the boys went to buy take away.

The support acts - Daniel and Che'nelle

The place was packed out with all sorts of people, most were extremely young which left me wondering since when did kids have so much money to go to concerts?!?! People were pushing and shoving like crazy! but everyone wanted prime position.

Initially we were pretty close to the front with only 10 or so people in front of us, it was hard work maintaining our spot. The pushing coupled with the heat made it unbearable! and people got more aggressive as they waited. At one point Jacky fully cracked it at a bunch of girls who kept pushing and shoving in front of him.

After a while people started to relax which all changed when HE came on. All of a sudden there was this big push from the crowd behind me. I felt my feet lift off the ground as I was caught in the wave of people. I was actually scared and I remember turning to a girl in front of me and whispering...I can't breathe! But I waited 4 hours for this so I wasn't going anywhere!

He was amazing!!! charismatic, energetic, he totally captivated the audience. I mean, I've always been a fan but watching him live just took things to a whole new level. I think being so close added to the whole experience.

"Diamonds are forever..." You tell em Kanye!

He danced so hard during one of his songs that he actually sprained his ankle, as a result we were treated to a whole range of things unplanned. Here he was having a drink on stage with the crowd chanting "He's a piss head through and through...go! go! go! go!" he played to the crowd and sculled a whole drink with the crowd cheering him on.

He came on stage just after 9 and didn't finish till after10:30pm singing a few of his hand picked "never performed" extra songs to make up for the lack of dancing so that "we could get our moneys worth". Woot!

At every concert we go to, we always swing the camera around to take a picture of the crowd. This wasn't done purposely but if you look at the front you can see Muz, Viv and Matty. I had such a shock when I loaded my pictures tonight.

What a memorable night! even with all the dramas of the crowd I came out thinking how lucky I was to witness him perform in person myself.

Larger photos Here.

Touch The Sky

It's Monday and I woke up feeling like I have been hit by a bus. How absolutely awesome was Kanye West last night! I'm still on such a high and his songs (specifically Touch the Sky) is still thumping through my head, I didn't get home till after 12 so I'll post some piccies when I get home.
It's been such a crazy weekend with Nat's B'day drinks on Friday, Di's 21st Saturday, Mandy & Lisa's baby shower Sunday day and Kanye West Sunday night.
I think I need an early night.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dianna's 21st @ The Shangri-La

Last night was Di's 21st Birthday bash (21 gosh! so so young…). She looked stunning and an excellent night was enjoyed by all who attended. The food was sensational and Jacky seemed to eat right through the night from when we arrived to when we left (how much can one eat?!?!). I’m going to let my pictures do the talking – Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl we hope that you had a Fabulous night!

(Menu Click to enlarge, it's a JPG so your web browser may shrink to fit screen after it loads)

Joel was the clear dance floor King bringing out moves that would give MC Hammer a run for his money.

Though Muz and Chris came closely behind and deserve a special mention

For Larger photos visit my Gallery but be warned that the first 17 pics is all of food. For more photos keep your eye out on Trish's page (that girl has talent!)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Nat's Suprise B'day Drinks @ Orbit bar

For most of you, you will be familiar with The Summit Restaurant located at Australia Square on level 47. Orbit bar is found at the same venue in a little section sealed off from diners. It's a popular meeting place because the restaurant slowly rotates around the city and the view of the Harbour and Bridge is amazing.
Here the waitresses are glamorous and the waiters extremely trendy and stylish. The bar menu is delicious but expensive, and recently they seem to have introduced a rule where you are not allowed to bring your own Birthday cake!?!?
It’s definitely a great location to have a few drinks with friends however I don’t recommend it for larger groups as you are not able to pay as you go. This means that each table is given a bar tab and a bill at the end of the night. This can get tricky, as people will leave at different times.
Happy Birthday Natalina!! Hope that you had a good one!

More photos Here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Apprentice

For 3 weeks I waited in anticipation till I could finally try this place out for myself. I just couldn't believe that this place existed and I didn't know about it! Thank you Helen! So I booked a table for 4 and shouted my sister a belated birthday dinner.

I love the idea of this restaurant; the kitchen is staffed by students aspiring to be chefs and the dining floor by hospitality students. I think it’s so important to show your support for students who may one day go on to become the next Peter Doyle or Guillaume Brahimi.

We entered the restaurant and were greeted warmly by about 12-15 grinning waiters. Our waiter Adam showed us to our table and giggled nervously throughout the night. Despite a few mishaps he was an absolute star and I found him rather endearing.

By 7:00pm it was already dark outside and you could watch the sun set through the big glass windows. The restaurant remained dimly lit with egg shaped lights glowing at each table. Jazz music floated from the speakers in the ceiling just loud enough to cover the quiet chit chat.

The menu changes week by week and today there was a 4 course meal on offer with two glasses of either wine, beer or soft drink all for a mere $35…an absolute bargain! As usual I discreetly snapped away with my trusty camera phone below are some pics from the night.


Seared Kangaroo rump carpaccio with roasted baby beetroot, horseradish cream & watercress

Asian Style swordfish Ceviche with julienne daikon and cucumber salad garnish

Suppli Telefono Crumbed arborio balls filled with cheese peas and herbs


Beancurd skin pastries with spiced eggplant, spinach and water chestnut

Char-grilled Squid with lime, coriander, mint & mizuna


Handmade Saffron Linguine with grilled asparagus spears, lemon, garlic & parsley

Herbed Grilled Quail with baby onions, green olives and silver beet

Oven roasted lamb Rump with Tzatziki and an organe and pine nut cous cous


Fresh strawberries with Creme Fraiche

Campari and passionfruit sorbet

Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

The verdict - to be absolutely honest some dishes were fantastic whilst others still needed a little work. But all in all it was a great experience with generous servings and lovely people. There is no doubt that I will be back again! So who's coming with me?

The Apprentice
Building E, Level 7,Ultimo College TAFE
Harris Street, Ultimo
Tel: (02) 9217 5527