Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Italian Festa on Norton

I took a day off my Sunday job to check out the Italian Festa at Leichhardt with Mum and Jacky. A lot of the streets were sealed off and parking was hard to find. The weather in the morning was freezing! but by lunch time everyone was looking for some shade.

Paella $8 a serving
The Paella was delicious! and after watching the chef make it, I'm tempted to try make my own.

Spit Roast anyone? BBQ Squid

It wouldn't be an Italian Festa if there wasn't pizza!

The day got really hot and there was nothing better than a cold beer ($3) to go with the BBQ squid ($5) the squid was nice but a little too salty. pancakes topped off with fresh strawberries and cream

I've been wanting to buy a plant...but I can't seem to keep them alive
Overall it was a nice day and there was a great show of people. I must admit that I was a little disappointed as there really wasn't anything unique or special about the food. I was hoping for more homemade antipastos, special Italian sauces, pesto, fresh bread or even cheeses that you can't buy off the shelf…no such luck.


Ken said...

photos look delicious em~

lil_lamies said...

damn you for making me hungry every time i read your blog!

Dianna said...


the thing i love about italians and their foods is that the portions are always HUUUGE.
In Melb there's Lygon street, a street full of italian food, and when they say "lambshank" they don't just mean one or two elegantly petite displays, they mean barbarian size-of-your-arm kind of meat galore.

SoRMuiJAi said...

OoOOOoo I was there too!! We ended up getting the aracini, calamari, salami and olive pizza, steak panini and the dutch pancakes with the strawberries and chocolate sauce!! YUMMMMMMMM!!

DJ Ho said...

i'm so hungry right after seeing your pics despite having a huge lunch and dinner. btw the paella looks awesome, though i thought it was a spanish dish. i'm definently going next year!

Mark said...

If I took away food from you for a day, would that be revenge enough for your bobble-head creation? I think yes...

PiCkLeS said...

Ken: it was!

Twins: Well you know what you are in for when you visit =P

Di: Yeh that's what I loved about Melbourne not so much the size of the servings but the quality of the food. I also loved the queen victoria markets you could just grab so much fresh stuff and whip up a pasta in record time. I'm going to come crash with you for a week when I come Melbourne! I hope that you have a working kitchen.

Lils: what time were you there? I only stayed for 2 hours at the most and got there around 12ish.

Matt: I just got to work and I'm so hunry though i did make a green curry last night so i can't wait till lunch time.

Mark: The bobble head was cool and I never told you to send it around to everyone! hahah plus I could do much worse ehhe

helen said...

Oh thank you thank you... I was hoping that someone would post some pics. I had/have the flu so I didn't make it, but feel much better now that I can pretend I was there via your pics =)

The suckling pig caught my eye, and so did the eggplant pizza. Mmm...

SoRMuiJAi said...

Ems, I was there from about 1-2:30. I was too full by that time! hehehe

Dianna said...

hehe yeah my kitchen in melb is big and sparkley and usually unused HEHEHE.
well not THAT big, but sure is a giant compared to my pathetic "kichtenette" here in sydney city!.

PiCkLeS said...

Helen: Don't worry always next year! looking at the pics makes me hungry again.

Lils: U were there around the time i was maybe i'll try spot ur face in my crowd shots.

Di: you MUST learn to cook my dear!!