Sunday, October 24, 2004


I found myself back at Almustafa's last night and had an even better night than the first time. It turned out that we knew the son of the owner of the Restaurant and didn't have to pay for any of the drinks - bonus!
I'm still waiting for my 3 purchases off ebay to arrive - the waiting makes me nervous, I hope it arrives this week.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Chinese Whispers Gone Wrong

It’s amazing what a bit of positive thinking can do; I can either keep feeling sorry for myself or make the best out of a bad situation. The weather has played a big part in my turn around - summer is well and truly here and in 2 months time Jacky and I will be flying out for our second adventure.

I can honestly say that I am bursting with excitement and anticipation. Unlike last time I know exactly what to expect and the nerves and anxiousness that I felt leading up to my first world trip is non-existent. This time round the Australian dollar is a lot stronger and unlike last time we are going to live it up a little. At Phuket we have decided to stay at a 5 star day spa resort, it’s costing an arm and leg but a nice reward after working so hard. The itinerary is now:

Japan (Tokyo)--> Hong Kong -->China --> Bangkok --> Malaysia --> Phuket

Depending on Jacky’s work situation next year we might go to the States and Canada again or possibly visit other parts of Europe.

In other news, I had the strangest conversation with my friend today. My very excited friend congratulated me on my recent engagement! This was a big surprise, as I didn’t even know that I was engaged. I took another look at my finger and sure enough my wedding finger was still pretty empty looking – with no big rock in sight.

I questioned my friend on where she had heard this bizarre news and apparently ‘everyone knows!’ – the gossip had originated from a friend of mine who had heard it from a friend of a friend of Jacky’s? I assured my friend that NO I was not engaged, and that there were NO wedding bells in sight! if there were any, she would be one of the first people to know.

She then proceeded to panic thinking that she had spoilt a surprise that Jacky may have planned, I then had to reassure her that Jacky could hardly pay for the trip not to mention an engagement ring; to which she responded ‘What if he won lotto!?!’ Now if Jacky had won lotto, he wouldn’t still be working 2 jobs and waking up at 4am to go to work.

So for the record – NO I am not engaged, I have never been engaged and to those people who were offended that I didn’t inform them of my engagement – Don’t be!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

How good was Anthony on idol tonight!!

Deana's Farewell

Dee's parents own an apartment at the toaster right on the water over looking the Bridge the view is amazing! It's empty most of the time, it's there in case anyone has to stay out late in the city or have drunken too much to drive home.

It's also a great place for parties! Seeing that Dee is taking a career break to travel around Europe and Chris and Nat are being sent to the States (paid for by the Uni for their PhD research) we all got together to have a big girls night in. This comprised of many Jelly shots, fairy bread, chips, pizza, lollies and DVDs.

Here's to a great night!