Sunday, December 17, 2006

KK dinner 2006 @ La Sangria

Time seems to flash right before my eyes. KK dinner for 2005 seemed like yesterday but here we all were again (minus Belinda who is in London & Sarah who is in Israel) gathered together to celebrate another Christmas. About a month ago the names for KK was drawn, surveys of what everyone wanted was filled out and the budget set at $150.
This year KK dinner was held at La Sangria in Balmain. The girls and I have been here a few times and we've been pretty impressed with the service and food. The restaurant is located opposite the town hall on the main street and usually you can find parking in a relatively short period of time. The walls is decked out in shades of yellow giving off a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The food
We went with the banquet menu which was $30 per person, I thought that they would have a website and didn't note down what they called everything. So here is my version of the food on the night.

Mixed salad with tuna and olives on a sweet balsamic dressing

Mixed Garlic & Herb bread

Bread with aioli

Grilled squid with a mixed herb dressing

Spanish Omlette

Crunchy baked potatoes with this really rich and creamy sauce (my fave for the night)

Marinated chicken in a tomato based sauce with onion, eggplant and capsicum

Spanish chorizo sausages (Stephen was a big fan of these!)


Garlic prawns


Chicken & prawn paella

The presents
Buying presents for each other seems to get harder every year, most of us have been working for a few years now so we tend to buy the things we want ourselves. As a result, vouchers were all the craze (any excuse to shop!).

Betty had Katina and she scored a new swimsuit, bag and an underwear set

Katina had me and I received a voucher for a full body massage and treatments at my favourite Day spa at Bondi. I had Dee & I got her the Napoleon make up that she requested (eyeliner, lip lacquer & eyeshadow) as well as a 1 hour make up lesson and a big jewellery box. Dee had Roula and got her a voucher for Review.

Roula had Nat who received a gorgeous turquoise necklace from Mimco. Nat had Lisa who requested a voucher for Westfields.

Lisa had Chris who received a beaded cardi and a voucher for Alannah Hill.

Chris had Betty and got her the Lonsdale bowling bag that she wanted for the gym, as well as a cute little handbag (chosen by Stephen).

For Dessert we had churros with melted chocolate on the side, this was not part of the banquet menu.

Group shot - (Minus Stephen who was holding the camera)

Merry Christmas for another year! xxo

La Sangria
371a Darling St
Balmain NSW
Ph: (02) 9555 2086

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Kim said...

Looks yummy Em, $150 is a big budget!