Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our Holiday Away...

I mentioned a bit earlier on that Jacky and I were going on a short break to Ettalong staying at the Ettalong beach resort. The place was goregous and the weather remained picture perfect, this was exactly what we needed after a crazy couple of months.
Here are a few of our snapshots.
The resort is new, the rooms were modern, well equipped, clean and the service by the friendly staff was impeccable! Ettalong beach wasn't the best so we would drive to Avoca or Terrigal 30-40 mins away.

Breakfast: Living at the resort meant that we had breakfast available 24hrs a day. My favourite had to be the pancakes with freshly whipped cream, maple syrup and icing sugar.

This is where we sat for breakfast every morning overlooking Ettalong beach

Tuesday, October 31st

The day started off with a sleep in, followed by a swim in the pool and Lunch at Thien Thai. The restaurant was really cute and looked exactly like some of the ones that I saw in Pattaya Thailand, the walls were lined with bamboo and little fairy lights hung at the very top. It could be the weather but everyone in Ettalong is always super friendly.

We had the Tom Yum Goong, beef pad see-ew and the chicken chilli basil with rice.

Upon my return to the hotel Jacky informed me that he had booked me into a 60 minute full body massage at Jhalu Day Spa for a bit of pampering. Jacky's always been really good with stuff like this, I guess it was just him being his usual sweet self. Because of the mortgage, going out to nicer restaurants had been cut back substantially (to my dismay) but because we were on holidays Jacky booked the Letterbox Restaurant for dinner (the place had won multiple awards and did not disappoint).

Chargrilled beef sirloin w garlic tiger prawns on rosemary and sea salt potatoes, snake beans and a pink peppercorn sauce

Crisp skin Tasmanian salmon on a cauliflower and potato mash w fresh asparagus and a lemon thyme beurre blanc

A complimentary raspberry & passionfruit sorbet served before dessert

Toblerone cheesecake with vanilla bean ice cream and a cherry compote

The restaurant itself was extremely cosy with dim lighting and soft music playing in the background. The staff were polite and eager to give suggestions, Jacky and I sunk into the corner absorbing the atmosphere and listened to the soft chatter floating around the room.

After dinner we took a walk along the beach with our shoes off and hair blowing in the wind...we felt like two 16 year old kids falling in love for the first time again. It's hard to believe that it's almost been 8.5 years.

We got back to the hotel at about 11:30pm and Jacky suggested that we take a photo by the pool while it was empty (especially because we hadn't taken a photo of us for quite some time). The pool looked goregous and I thought that it would be a great idea.

We took 3 attempts at taking this photo. The first one is of me standing there looking a little annoyed because Jacky was taking so long trying to get the camera settings right. It was late and I was cold.

Attempt 2...still a bit fuzzy (keep in mind we weren't using flash, so Jacky suggested we take one more and told me to keep very very still.

On the 3rd attempt just before the camera was about to snap the shot Jacky grabbed my hand and dropped to one knee. My first reaction was OMG he moved! Then I saw him pulling out a little box and I exclaimed with shock "OMG What are you doing?!?!".

To be honest I was in such shock that I don't remember what he said to me, all I know was that he started with "I had a whole speech prepared but...." I also know that besides saying "yes" I said something back to him but I have absolutely no recollection of what it was.

Back in the hotel room Jacky presented me with a little photo album with photos that told 'Our story' the photos represented 'when it all began' to 'what lies ahead'. He explained that I was suppose to come back to a hotel room filled with candles, rose petals and roses after my massage. Somehow the florist stuffed up and didn't tell him that they couldn't source any roses till he got there....the result wasn't bad for a plan B.

He also revealed that my parents had been in on this the whole time. For the last few years Jacky had progressively saved some money with my Mum who would then transfer the money to my uncle in HK who owns a Diamond shop. After saving enough money, Jacky asked my uncle to begin searching for a stone that met the certain specifications that Jacky wanted in colour, carat, cut, clarity and grading. He also only wanted a stone that was GIA (America) or HRD (Belgium) certified (who would have thought he knew so much about diamonds!).

The Ring

The ring was exactly what I wanted, simple and timeless. I had joked to Jacky years ago that if he ever wanted to ask me to marry him I wanted a ring in this style, he never forgot.

I wasn't sure if I would post a photo because the picture doesn't do the ring any justice, but I know you're all curious so here it is...........all 1.13 carat of goodness.

I realise now that even after the proposal I was acting quite strangely, whilst I knew we'd eventually get married, the whole thing didn't seem real and I was having trouble processing what had just happened in my head. It wasn't till the drive home (around 5:30pm the next day) that it hit me! After 8.5 years we’re getting Married!!

From that moment on I became so overwhelmed that I just started crying and crying (the full ugly cry) even the woman who was in the car in front looked in her rear view mirror to see what was happening. At this stage we're looking at some time in March 2008.

Thank you Jacky for all your efforts and all your dedication, for capturing the moment and loving me the way you do.

I love you.


Sarah said...


Mazal Tov Ems and Jacky!!!

This would be the happiest news I've heard in a long time! I am so happy and proud of the two of you. This year has been one of growth and much success and I wish you even more in your beautiful future.

Kisses and Hugs and a big YES to being your Maid of Honor. I will definitely be back in Oz by then.

I can't wait!

Love Sarah xxxooo and licks from Enzo

angii said...

Well done Jacky! ive been expecting it but its such joy to finally hear the announcment of your engagement! =)

Belly said...

WOWWWW!!! That is such wonderful news Emz!! I'm sooo happy for you!! Congrats to the both of you and well done to Jacky...the ring is just stunning!!! I can't wait till the wedding!!! Soo exciting!!
Luv Belly

thegreatwhitehope said...

Did he have sweaty palms?

The proposal photo is funny, I can just imagine your face going "Hey!...WHAAAA?!"

I'm very impressed JC2 knew so much about diamonds.

Congratulations guys!

Natasha said...

traditionally, "congratulations" only go to men, for they have been lucky enough to win the lady. So to you Em, I wish you much joy and happiness :) your message made me shriek out loud! after I figured out who it was haha

that is a massive rock ;)

NfOrCeR said...


CONGRATS to you and jacky!!

its been so effin long, i been wonderin when it would finally happen :)

So happy for you guys!

No excuse not to send me an invite - you can hand deliver it now!! :P

Vivien said...

I've literally already said all my comments to you on this post already as you know haha ;) .. but CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!

Jacky wins the Best Proposal Method Ever prize!

Sophia said...

That photo is hilarious! In typical Emily and Jacky style - have to have a photo of everything!

Congratulations! (but it's about bloody time! :P)

And Jacky (My future brother in law) .. welcome to the family! At least after 8.5 years, you've already met all the crazy relatives.

Sophia said...


Mark said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I was going to firstly comment on whether that photo of the girl was lying naked, then I was thinking what a nice, relaxing holiday you had (and which you deserve after the few months you've had)....

and then I got to the bottom bit and I was can't be....NO WAY!!!!!!! WAYY!!!!!!!!! DUDEEE!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so freaking happy for you!!!!! Of all people I know, you really do deserve this happiness.

lil_lamies said...

Congrats you two... I cant believe I did the "ugly cry" too when you told me. I’m still walking around with that grin on my face since then, can't get it off. ohhhhhh love sweet love.

ps. I’m so happy for the two of you, and the ring too, because its an entity all on its own baby!

Betty said...

Again, congrats to you and JC, what a perfect way to top off a wonderful year! BTW, where's the cake you promised me?

Congie said...
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Congie said...

Gah, broken post..

They are dropping like flies.. HEHE.

One stop closer to MiniChans(tm)!!!


PiCkLeS said...

Sarah: You better get back here quick then I can hand all the organising to you!

Angii: That was quick! I didn't even see you online! after so many years it's crazy isn't it?

Belly: Enjoying London? lucky you'll come back in time for the wedding!

Matty: I have no idea if his palm was sweaty...come to think of it i wonder if he was nervous, i haven't even asked. I never knew he was capable of that much planning! I think Jacky fancy's himself as a bit of a diamond expert now.

Tash: hahha sorry i couldn't pick up your call at work, my phone had been going off and i think my assitant (who's a guy was starting to get sick of hearing the story for the 20000 time).

Joel: you can save me 50c and pick it up yourself.

Viv: hahah i was trying to keep it till Friday to suprise you at work but then I couldn't hold it in any longer!

Sophia: don't remind him!! we can't have him backing out now.

Mark: ! the photo of the girl lying down was me! and no I wasn't naked just in a different coloured bikini (it's actually purple, yellow and blue up close). I got really sunburnt on that day.

Lisa: hahha you and the ring! Mr Chan did do a good job though.

Betty: In the back of the peugeot.

Cong: no Cong no mini Chans any time soon.

Bosco said...

I've already said it, but congratulations!!

8 and a half years is a long time to try
but now he's insisted he would buy
may 'forever' mark your wedded bliss
as your friends ask 'Now, what about kids?'

lol... don't lose the bling!! hehe

Anonymous said...

wow.. when it rains.. it pours!Congratulations Em :) Really happy for you guys!!!! And Jacky's plan was awesome in my book.

Hope to see you guys soon


petals said...

I wonder if Jacky remembers the time (way back in #belair days) we made a bet and that i promised him you guys would get married and that if it happened i would be a guest of honor at your wedding reception?!?!


PS: I am so envious, because that is my dream ring too!


SoRMuiJAi said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Congrads!!!! Its about time!!

Its funny because I was scrolling down your post, and reading about your holiday and thought to myself, "If I was Jacky, this would be the PERFECT opportunity to propose!". And down at the bottom, he did!!!

Congrads again and again!!!

m1ng said...

Congratulation guys. Well done to Jacky with the preparation, nicely executed!!


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Congratulations! You kept that twist at the end very well hidden, and it was a cute idea to get the exact proposal moment on camera. How many people have evidence of that?!?

Radha said...

Oh my god that is beautiful wow am soooo jealous and that ring is
gorgeous so happy for you...

May this occasion bring you many blessings and happiness...

You are beautiful together and I wish you all the best I want an
invitation you never know might fly in for it...

CONGRATULATIONS pass my blessings on to jacky please

Hoi said...

Wow! It finally happened!

Congratulations to both you and Jacky - what's there to say? Great, great stuff all around. Any idea where your ideal wedding will be?

sharon said...


i have a silly smile on my face because your story is so sweet :)

NfOrCeR said...

ems, i did say you should come down n hand deliver it to me. i never mentioned about posting the thing! haha :p

oh yeh. forgot to mention in my original comment.. IE kinda ruined the surprise cos the first thing it loaded when i went back to your blog was the picture of the ring! darnit oh wells. hurry up and get it over with already! :D

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: kids?!?!

Ken: Yeh I'm still pretty impressed =)

Petals: LOL thanks!

Lils: hahha has been a while hasn't it? good old #belair days!

Ming: Yay!!! when's your turn aye? AYE?!?!?

Helen: and to think my first reaction was "he moved how annoying!"

Radha: I'm holding you to that you better fly down from cold cold London

Hoi: haven't even thought about that, this wasn't suppose to happen for some time yet! but it'll be fun checking out places

Sharon: Thank's the 4th day now and i think it's starting..just starting to sink in. I'm going to my cousin's wedding today should be interesting because i'll look at it from a point of view as a bride to be myself! ....feels really great!

Joel: bah you know i'm a lazy bugger!

Anonymous said...

hi.. congratulations..
its very sweet of your partner :)
all the best.

JC said...

i'm so glad to be back and to read properly your engagement! go JC2 (haha)!!!!

you guys are awesome...

i bet that all that time Jacky's been "playing WoW"....he's actually been planning all this....

princess_party said...

congrats guys!! =)

bon said...


CONGRATULATIONS!!! ^___^ i accidentally scrolled down before actually reading the post so the surprise was slightly spoiled...

oh well.

haha, loved Jacky's proposal... very sweet of him to go to such lengths!

:D best wishes for the future!!

kathryn said...

Congratulations, that's such a lovely story. And what a good man to be planning everything so well and so far ahead!

PiCkLeS said...

Anon: Thanks!

Joel: Congrats to you and Trish!! I can't believe you flew across the world to propose! so so sweet! I'm saw there will be a lot of wedding talk between us.

Cynth: Thanks! when do you come back??

Bon: Thank you =)

Kathryn: I'm a very lucky girl and thank you so much for your email greatly greatly appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

Congratulations!!!!! ^_^

I must say, I've been waiting for this to happen =) And it has! Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Woooo congratulations!!!!

I'm very happy for you guys!!!!

ChiLLii` said...

The good news I been waiting for a long long time.. Jc` has finally popped the question.. Well done! ;)

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!!

Best wishes for the future!!

xoxoxo :)

Rowena said...

Congratulations to you and Jacky!!!!!!!!!!

You guys have stood the test of time and it is so commendable how two people have grown so much together and fit so perfectly with each other……

I think to say that I’m happy for you would be an understatement.

It brings tears to my eyes looking back how we used to walk to school and talk of the ‘what could be’s’… I will never forget how we both shared an anniversary (well same month) and all the stories and suggestions we used to throw at each other for our ‘special’ events!

m1ng said...

No rings, the only rings I am interested in right now is burger rings.

Belinda said...

A big congrats!!! - cheers Belinda :)

Veruca Salt said...

OMG! Congratulations.

Did you rush out and buy heaps of bridal mags?

Good work on the ring. Absolute stunner!

PiCkLeS said...

Amanda: hahha this is so funny i didn't realise there were s many people waiting for me to get married!

Chao: Thanks!!

Mandi: Has been a while hasn't it?

Ro: all those years of walking to school together who would have thought that i would end up marrying my first boyfriend!

Ming: burger rings??! you can't let yourself go now that you have a good woman!

Belinda: Thank you!

Veruca: hahah not yet! took a few days to sink in, but having gone to so many wedding already this year I have a lot of ideas in my head. My Godsister has also been great help!

Beckster said...

You left a comment on my site a while ago and told me you and your boyfriend have been together for 8.5 years. You said that a successful relationship takes work and it's not about luck. You praised the way that I could express how I felt in beautiful words.

Right back at you pickles. Congratulations. I think you made some place inside of all of us, even the hard-nosed bitchy ones, go soft and gooey.

PS. The ring is a whooper! :)

James (EccY) said...

Hey Pickos & Jacky

Congratulations on the engagement!!

Thumbs up to Jacky for the ring and the planning. Blog was nice to read..hehahe


PiCkLeS said...

Beckster: hahha I still remember that post! After reading it I was like gee...that's how i feel some times! Having now moved to the next stage of our relationship it feels pretty amazing but I would have just been as happy keeping things the way they were.

James: haha long time no see! thanks for the well wishes!

reverendtimothy said...



Little annoyed? haha, you look downright pissed in that first night shot! hahahahaha. I also love the very first jumping shot. That's great!

And if I may be so bold to say, it seems that gym you joined back in March has really paid off - you're lookin' fit and fantastic, so well done! You're getting better results than me!! haha.

Wow, wow, and wow. Not that it's really any suprise after 8.5 years, but fantastic nonetheless.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll have to go be all SNAG and have a cry. :-P

PiCkLeS said...

Tim: hahah thanks! compliments will get you everywhere! hahaha RE: the gym i think from the time i joined i lasted 1.5 months and then everything with work and the house piled on and I haven't been since despite paying till next April!

When are you heading to Sydney?

reverendtimothy said...

Hahaha tell me about it. That's the reason I've been slack lately... I'm pulling more late shifts and can't be arsed going early in the morning. Hehe.

The definite date is 24th of January when I fly straight in from Malaysia for the Tool concert. Then I'll hang around until the weekend catching up with all the sydney peeps.

The indefinite date is in December (around the 6th?) for the Robbie concert. I'm not going, but Ed and Dave of the three amigos are. You can't just have two amigos! Haha. So it's likely I'll scrape some cash together and join them as well, at least in Sydney if not at the sold-out concert.

But jeez, looks like I might have to fly up in March too? :-P Hahahaha. Congratulations again, guys.