Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kanye West & U2 @ Telstra Stadium

Up until last night, this was the closest that I had ever come to Bono of U2

Vegas 2002

I must admit that up until now, I've never been a massive fan of U2 but I knew that I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't go see one of the (if not THE) biggest band in the world. I am also a big fan of Kanye West and after seeing him live in concert earlier this year I couldn't wait to see him again. At a little over $100 a ticket this concert was a bargain!

Telstra Stadium - someone said that over 80,000 tickets were sold for Saturday night's concert

I was a little bummed because I didn't think cameras were allowed in, so I didn't take mine and only had my camera phone. The photos turned out ok and despite the crowds we got pretty close to the stage.

Left: the crowd behind us Right: Kanye west on stage
Having seen Kanye perform live before, I don't think that this concert did Kanye any justice. It was early and the crowd was still slowly building. The venue wasn't quite right (it was hard to hear him clearly) and It took him a little work to get the crowd hyped up.
We waited another 45mins after Kanye finished for the sky to get dark and for U2 to come on stage. The weather couldn't be more perfect, warm but with a cool breeze and the crowds were all well behaved! People were friendly and no one pushed.
Just before they came on all the light's went off and there was this moment of calm and silence that I just can't describe. Minutes later the screen lit up and U2 burst onto the stage, the crowd went nuts! I am so glad that I went because it's one of those moments in my life where I wouldn't have known what I missed unless I went.
I went to this concert thinking that I wouldn't know many songs, I was so wrong! I sang along to almost every song that they sung.

U2 voiced their message of peace....
Bono asked everyone to pick up their mobiles and to hold it in the air, I looked around the stadium and the sight was amazing!
When I said the crowd was friendly I wasn't kidding! There was this man next to my sister who was concerned that she couldn't see because she was short. So he picked her up and threw her on his shoulder so she could see the was hilarious! And it wasn't one of those 'creepy old men moments' either.
We left just before the last song so that we could beat the crowds, what a night to remember!


Vivien said...

omg you should've stayed! what if they did sth really bring out two tigers and make them jump around for the finale. or maybe bono walked around with a snake around his shoulders. hahaha

sounds really good. my friend also said kanye sucked/didn't get the crowd v hyped haha such a diff genre to U2, odd pairing

Betty said...

I guess that fella that threw Sophia onto his shoulders was doing his best to coexist...Sounds like a fab concert!

PiCkLeS said...

Viv: yes after i heard about Bono showing up at Kylie's concert i would have spewed if something similar happened at the end of u2!

Betty: sure was!!

reverendtimothy said...

ROCK ON! That looks awesome! :D

thanh7580 said...

You're so lucky. I wanted to get tickets to the U2 concert but all gone within minutes. I've recently become a huge U2 fan and have all their albums.

Belly said...

Ohhh sounds like sooo much fun Emz!!! I was supposed to go to their concert back in March but had to sell my tickets when they reshceduled :( Sounds like you had a ball!!!

PiCkLeS said...

Tim:well you get to see robbie!

Thanh: they did 3 shows in Sydney by the end of it, it was pretty easy to buy tickets.

Belly: I miss you!! can't wait till you come back!