Saturday, March 31, 2007

Earth Hour

Earth Hour -It was nice turning off the lights

Belinda's Homecoming High Tea

Our friend Belinda just moved back from London after 10 long months away. To welcome her back Sarah and I decided to throw her a homecoming high tea at my house. To prepare I stayed up the night before baking biscotti and making a tiramisu, I even bought a 2 tier platter for the occasion (it looked so cute!).

The menu for the day

What's a high tea without a selection of teas and finger sandwiches. The teapot was a gift from Jacky's Mum and went really well with the theme of the day.

Also on the menu was....

Semolina cake, Almond biscotti and shortbread (all homemade). On the right - french onion dip with carrot sticks (Joel I made good use of your little dishes)

Chocolate truffles & creme brulee hot out of the oven

Jacky was really sweet and cut up some strawberries for us to have with our champagne

After the tiramisu and creme brulee we were too full for pavlova, we left it sitting in the oven

Welcome back Beli, thank you for the housewarming gift and thank you Sarah for helping me get everything ready!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I feel numb

I’m sure that you’ve all read about or seen on TV the horrible accident that happened at Kogarah today. I was following the story all day because I use to go to school in the area. I knew that stretch of road so well that I could visualize that particular turn and bus stop in my head as I read the story. I felt so bad for the victims that I even emailed my friends about the incident, by the time I got home the news reported that someone had died.

At 7:30pm I received a phone call from one of my friends, her and her family were on their way to the hospital to help police (I froze; I thought that someone I knew died). Instead it turned out that we knew who the driver was (she was the mother of a girl that I went to high school with). I couldn’t believe it…and if you knew the tragedy that surrounded this family you would be even more shocked.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, what a terrible thing to happen (for everyone involved).

*edit* My friend who went to the hospital to support the family just called me, from what police can tell the driver didn't run a red light, hadn't been drinking and wasn't speeding; it was just a freak accident. The driver is so distraught over what happened that they have her on suicide watch.

28/03/2007 - The latest update.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Luke & Sally's Wedding

Dalton Chapel, Saint Ignatius College, Riverview

The bride Sally looked gorgeous in Vera Wang and Luke looked pretty smart himself.

The reception was held at the Tea Room Gunners' Barracks, the water and city views was breathtaking. The reception began with drinks and canapes on a deck overlooking the water.

*edit* still adding to this post (I've just been too tired to do it all in one go)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Last Few Days

Saturday 24 March 2007 - Anita's hens night
The day involved nude drawing followed by dinner @ Cafe Pacifico and drinks at Peppermint lounge. I think the rule is, 'what happens on a hen's nights stays at the hen's night!'. So all I will say is that it was a hysterical night (about 30 ladies attended) and the nude model was very confident indeed! These are probably the only 2 safe photos that can be posted up, one of Anita and I and another of a few of the girls walking to Peppermint lounge getting blown away by the wind.

Friday 23 March 2007 - Sydney Law Careers Fair@ the Convention Centre Darling Harbour

I'm actually on the board that organises this and after months of planning, dealing with the SMH, co-ordinating volunteers it was that time of the year again. 6 long hours (+ an extra 3 hours setting up), 1500 law students, freebies galore and really really sore feet! Last year was my first year at the fair and I found the second time round to be so much easier.

I bumped into Emmelyn who use to work at Baku during her Uni days, she's now working at KPMG and is getting married next week (I can finally say to someone else 'It's about time!'). Congratulations and that is one stunning not to mention massive rock!

Thursday 22 March 2007 - Dinner with Sarah @ Blackbirds Cafe

We haven't been back to Blackbirds in years, we use to go all the time (I had my 20th there) but at some stage the service and quality of food went right down and we found other places to eat. After setting up our stand for the Sydney Law Careers Fair I caught up with Sarah for dinner.

Bean Nachos $13.90, Dahl $9.90
I'm not sure if the menu has changed but I didn't see any of the items that was listed on their website at the actual restaurant. The place looks pretty much the same after all these years and it turned out to be a great spot to have a chat over dinner. The service was a really good on this particular night and there is a good variety of meals to suit all budgets.

Blackbirds Cafe
Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour
Phone: 02 9283 7385

Monday, March 19, 2007


I wasn't suppose to see these yet but Mum couldn't help herself. She received these from my Grandmother during her tea ceremony when my parents got married and Mum will be passing these ones down to me (she's left some others for Sophia).

It is tradition that parents and relatives give gifts of jewellery and red pockets during the tea ceremony (usually 24k yellow gold bangles) which I will wear at our reception when I change into my traditional Chinese garments (Dad is currently having these made overseas). It's all very exciting!

image by Charles Cheung HK

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Katina's 25th @ Caffe Salina Bronte

It’s been a while since we met up for a nice dinner at somewhere new, I didn’t realise how much I missed the excitement of trying new places. To celebrate Katina’s 25th we all got together for dinner at Caffe Salina at Bronte. Caffe Salina is located on a small strip with about 5 other cafés/restaurants 8 minutes drive from Coogee (the strip is just around the corner from the main area of Bronte beach).

Salina’s is small and cosy and spills out on to the footpath with tables and chairs overlooking the water. We couldn’t see much in the dark but could definitely feel how peaceful and beautiful the area was. It was as though we stumbled on a hidden treasure tucked away from all the commercialisation 8 minutes away.


Herb & garlic bread for the table

Fresh grilled figs alla gorgonzola $8
Seared scallops with limoncello sauce $12

The dish with the figs was really different to anything that I have ever tasted. You are first hit with the sweetness of the figs followed by a strong milky flavour that stays in your mouth. Some of the girls loved it but I would need to try it again before I can make up my mind. I thought that the cheese was a little over powering for my personal liking.

Sea barramundi with asparagus and mango salsa $21

Ray who sat opposite me said that the fish was cooked really well and the salsa was refreshing. I loved the colours on his dish and if I got to make my selection again I think I would have gone with the barramundi.

Roast sirloin with sweet pumpkin, eschalots and truss tomato $21
Salina meatballs with linguine $18

You can't tell in this photo but the meatballs were hugeee! (Bigger than a tennis ball) we couldn't stop laughing at how big they were. They were filled with cheese and bread crumbs on the inside and would be the ideal dish for a starving guy. Christina gave it the thumbs up.

Beer battered barramundi with chips and wasabi mayo $19
Linguine alla marinara $18

Jacky and I had the marinara and while it smelt great the actual flavours didn't quite live up to the expectation especially when all the other dishes seemed so nice.

Roast lamb rump with risotto of chorizo, cannelini beans, tomato and parsley $21
Barbequed salmon fillet with bok choy and salsa verde $21

Vanilla bean crème brulee $8
Strawberry panna cotta $8

By the end of dessert I was so full that I actually felt sick, but I couldn't resist trying a bit of everything.

Summer berry pudding $5

Just when I was ready to pop out came the baked ricotta cheese cake

Happy Birthday Katina!!!!

Caffe Salina
479 Bronte Rd
Phone: (02) 9369 4012