Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Memories are made of these...

Jacky's nephew is around 3 months old now, very cute!

Baby Issac


JY and I were just laughing at some old photos of mine tonight.....ahh the memories, highschool seems like a life time ago. I look at these photos and I almost don't recognise the person looking back at me. Some of these pictures are a bit embrassing ...but what the heck!

Left to Right: 1997(Yr 10 Formal), 1998 (KMH formal), 1998 (Kingsgrove Formal)

1999 (My Yr 12 Formal)

Yr 10 1997 - My hair was sooo short! My Mum made my Yr 10 Formal dress and despite Marcus calling it a 'poo yellow' it was actually a lime green with 2 layers (shiny silk on the bottom and chiffon on the top). Wendy was at my house getting ready that day – would you believe our dates came to pick us up in a stretch limo??

KMH 1998 - Charley took me as his date but I can't find where I put the scanner to scan another photo. I remember getting my hair done for this and I wanted to cry at the salon because it was HUGE! I even caught a taxi home so no one would see me!

Kingsgrove 1998 - Jacky met my Mum for the first time when he came to pick me up to take me to his formal. Things went OK - Mum was always going to be difficult because she was annoyed that I was dating before finishing Uni (she'll hold it against me forever). She wasn't too sure about Jacky either, because he tragically had an undercut and she came to the conclusion that he must be in a gang??!?! Eventually she came around – it only took a few years!

Yr 12 Formal 1999 – You can’t see the dress clearly but it was by Lisa Ho (yes mum made it once again) it had a long train at the back and was made from 3 layers of silk (baby blue, an aqua colour and another blue at the bottom) finished with diamante straps. It was on this same night that I met DJ Ho , I didn't realise this until recently.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fund Raising @ Work

Every year we support Starlight to raise money for kids with cancer. This year we're trying a few different things from lolly guessing to lunch time cook ups!
I have a very talented girl at work who makes jewellery for fun, she doesn't usually sell her pieces but at the moment she is selling a few pieces at work and donating part of the profit to Starlight to help make the dreams of a little boy & girl come true.
James is a 7 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy (sorry Di told you the wrong illness last night but checked at work this morning) and his wish is to 'see carols by candle light with his mum in Melbourne'. So if you would like to contribute, please make a purchase of something below. They are all handmade and good quality, unlike the $12 earrings you can buy from Diva I have found that these do not discolour even after a long time. They would make a great X'mas gift (so email me if you're interested as some pieces are one off).

Necklace $100

Above earrings Left to Right $70, $60, $35

(*edit first pair sold out - till further notice)

Above earrings all $40 (Real Crystal)

(*edit first pair gone but avail in blue or red beads)

If you think that they look nice here, you should see them real life! unfortunately I'm not very good with the camera yet and had to take the pictures quickly during lunch time.

Monday, November 21, 2005


You know when you have so much to blog about that you don't know where to start? So I'm not going to start at all.


Did anyone watch the idol finals tonight? See the maroon dress that Kate wore at the beginning and the brown dress that Emily wore at the end? My Mum made those =)

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Dear Jacky,

I know that I was suppose to look for a birthday present for Martin at lunch today and I had every intention to do so. However, as I was walking towards David Jones I accidentally stumbled into Mollini; seeing that I was there I may as well have a look around right? Would you believe that Mollini was having a shoe sale?? I spotted a gorgeous pair of pink heels with little crystals that would go perfectly with the pink dress I bought the other week, it was the last pair and they had it in my size! (You wouldn’t want me to wear a dress without the matching shoes would you now?) So I had to buy them.

On the way to the counter I spotted another stunning pair of heels, seeing that I didn't own anything like it I thought I’d try it on just to have a look, you know how it is. It just so happened that they looked really good with my suit today (much better than the ones I was already wearing, I know this because the shop assistant told me so, they’re so helpful aren’t they!).

Well, I couldn’t decide which ones to buy…so I bought them both! Now, I know what you are thinking and Yes I do realise that this is the 3rd pair of shoes that I have bought this week and that my closet has absolutely no space and that you are sick to death at having to climb onto the chair to take down the shoes that I can’t reach – BUT they were on sale! Just think of all the money I saved.

By the time I left Mollini it was already time to go back to work, seeing that you’d probably need a break from writing your thesis and studying for exams I thought that it’d be a great idea if you went to buy the present for Martin. I’m a genius! I don’t know why I didn't come up with this idea sooner – well, good luck with finding a present, I’m sure that you’ll make an excellent choice.

So…. how was your day?

Love your Wonderful Girlfriend (who feeds you and lets you play WoW)


Monday, November 14, 2005

R.I.P Roxy

Jacky has 2 dogs a German Shepard and a Kelpie cross. The kelpie was put down today because she was poisoned over the weekend and the family watched over her as she convulsed all night.

It's been very difficult; at first the family blamed themselves, maybe she ate snail poison…but then after a few tests the vet came to the conclusion that she was deliberately poisoned. Who would do such a thing? Who!??!?!
Whoever you are, you can just burn in hell.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Costume Ideas

I’ve been invited to a 21st where the theme is ‘7 Deadly Sins’ when turning to my friends & Sister for costume ideas; I seem to receive a common response…..'Well you love food & you're always eating....GLUTTONY!

Thanks guys.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Random things..

I was eating rather brown toast one morning when it caught the attention of my manager. He noted that I was eating vegemite and asked if he could have some vegemite too. I had to explain that I didn't have any vegemite and was in fact only eating plain toast. I burnt it by accident, but seeing it was my last 2 slices I ate it anyway... when was I ever one to turn away from food?
Happy Birthday Ming! Hope you had a great night at Opera Bar last night sorry we didn't stay long! It was great to finally meet Mai, she seems lovely.
Di’s wrist turned a little nasty looking after pole dancing today, so we went with her to the doctors to have it checked out. It was quite a funny moment when the doctor mistook her for a Med Student trying to get by, by being a sex worker on the side (see Di’s recount of the story here).
Pole dancing also went up a notch this week and today I learnt how to hook the pole with the back of my leg before using my body weight to spin down and around the pole. We also learnt the first moves to our dance routine. If anyone thought pole dancing was a piece of cake…check out the bruises I got on my leg today.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where will you be December 3rd?!?

Well you better be here! Show your support for Cynthia and Trish

Thorpie says its fully sik!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pilates class #1

I tried my first class of pilates today and despite what it is starting to sound like I assure you that I am NOT a health freak. This has been the most exercise that I have done since high school (that’s if you don’t count the 5km JP Morgan charity run last year where I nearly died and had sore muscles for over 1 week!).

It’s an 8-week course and occurs every Monday during lunch, one of the ladies at work is trying to get certification to be a pilates instructor and needs to hold a series of classes before she’s recognised, so the good thing for me is that it’s all free.

So what did I think?

I’m not sure whether it’s because we were all beginners but I found the class to be very slow. There was many times where I found my mind wondering off to what I was having for lunch or if there were bugs in the carpet. Pilates seems to be made up of a lot of breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises and whilst it felt good it wasn’t particularly fun.
I think that in 1 hour I got a much better work out at pole dancing than pilates. I’m going to keep at it though; hopefully by the end of the classes you will see a much fitter, more energised and toned me!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

I Love shoes.

Tomorrow night I am going to Terry Biviano's house for a private shoe sale, I am so excited! Usually her shoes retail from $500-$900 in stores, but tomorrow most are $100!! The guys reading this blog must wonder why anyone can get so excited over shoes (although I've seen Matty get pretty excited over his Dunks) but it's my weakness so let me be! (Then again I have many weaknesses =P)

2005 Collection (Clip)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Makybe Diva youuu beautyyyyyyy!!

You got to be in it to win it and today I won $74!
*edit* I just got home and last night I made Mum a hat for Melbourne Cup, she won! and gave me the $70 Myer Voucher (I think I'll go buy her that little cd player that she wanted for her room).
Mum also made me a hat for me for Melbourne cup! whilst I did not have a hat competition...it was a very interesting hat...see below.

Does it remind you of those ones worn by the monkeys?