Sunday, December 17, 2006

Team X'mas Party 2006

What: Team xmas party - 'Get smashed at Mykonos on Crown' (Plate smashing that is =P)
When: Thursday December 14
Where: Mykonos on Crown, Darlinghurst

It's that time of the year where there are parties after's been an absolutely mad couple of weeks. Instead of doing a full review I will let my pictures do the talking (I'm really just too tired to blog about everything that's happened).

The night started with the food (actually the night started wayyy before that, with many drinks at the Columbian, but that's another story). The banquet menu is $50 per person for 9 courses and there's plenty of food! During Christmas you will need to book up to 1 month in advance, the seats are tight and the tables crowded.

The cocktails here are awesome (around $10 each) work paid for our meal and we paid for our own drinks.

The Menu

Tzatziki & Taramasalata dip served with fresh bread

Dolmades, Greek salad

Oktapodi & kalamarakia platter, Haloumi Cheese

Chicken Souvlaki, whats left of my spinach & fetta pastry

Meatballs, lamb souvlaki

During the meal the MC gears everyone up by going around to the different tables and getting representatives to carry out tasks, this includes: dancing on chairs, singing and drinking shots. Everyone at the restaurants gets involved so it feels like one big party. By about 9:00pm the middle tables are taken away to create a dance floor, the rest of the night was spent dancing, drinking, playing limbo, watching belly dancers, a bit of karaoke and plate smashing. I recorded some hilarious clips but what happens at team parties stays in the team (I must resist my urge to you tube it).

(Click to enlarge) We had a few people missing

It was a really fun night that saw me get home very late for a Thursday night (or was that Friday morning?). I did end up going to another X'mas party @ the Belgium Beer Cafe during lunch the next day (where on the way I got splashed head to toe by a car driving through a puddle). By the afternoon I was dead tired, I had accepted an invite to another do at Star City but I could barely stay awake so I gave it a miss.

You know what I need? a really nice long sleep in. It's now 1:20am Sunday Morning and I've just come home from Jacky's work Christmas party (I'm not even sure if this post makes sense, but I will check it in the morning).

Mykonos On Crown

302 Crown Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney
Ph: 9368 7900

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