Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bond.............. James Bond

What: Deacons Christmas Party 2006
Where: GPO @ Martin Place
Theme: James Bond - Casino Royale

Syd HR - We won best team & each received a $50 DJ's voucher

Our Gambling Chips

We traditionally always do a 3 course sit down dinner, this year they decided to try something a little different.

There was a lot of alcohol & a lot of food, we had our own sushi bar

and pizza bar

(pizza on demand, what more could a girl want??)

Cosmopolitans & Martinis on arrival (these were strong!)

I took some quick snaps of a few of the trays going around before I put the camera away to eat, there was a lot more that came out after (Sorry forgot to take pics of the desserts)

Cheese tasting... I *heart* Cheese

1. Woodside Figaro, Adelaide Hills SA - 'A semi-hard, full flavoured goats milk cheese wrapped in vine leaves. The rind and vine leaf tannis, combined with the sweetness of the milk gives this cheese its unique flavour.'

2. Gippsland Blue, Tarago River, VIC - 'Made from cow's milk in the style of the grand Italian blue cheese, Gorgonzola Dolce Latte. It matures to a soft, runny texture which is sweet and buttery on the palate, with a lingering spiciness on the finish.'

3. Woodside Charleston, Adelaide Hills SA - 'a traditionally made artisan brie with complex flavours and distinct 'mushroomy' characters in the surface moulds. The use of full-cream Jersey cow's milk enables the cheese to develop it's richness.'

It wouldn't be Casino Royale without a bit of gambling - Deacons chips of course

The Bond Babes...

The Villians

My Babies for 2006

Overall a really good night with great food and a few dramas. It was not as crazy as some of the other work Christmas parties where I ran up my mobile bill calling everyone to tell them I loved them (after a *few* drinks).

I'm not sure if it was because I was acting responsible by looking after my clerks, or if I have developed a really good alcohol tolerance (I must have had 7-8 drinks? maybe more?). The firm gave everyone cab charges to get home safetly (it was actually impossible to get a cab to stop!) I saw 2 of my clerks off at 1:30am and by then I was more than ready to call it a night!

Some photos here.


thanh7580 said...

Looks like a fantastic work function. It looks like the work really splashed out, the food and venu look spectacular.

Joe said...

what happened to the proposed "goldfinger" paint costume? :P

looked like a damn good, big budgeted time. the work function i'm gonna attend this week is set to be a lot less pimp than this (but you would've guessed that already :P)

PiCkLeS said...

Thanh: yeah was a great night! i've been lucky that the places I've worked at has always thrown great parties.

Joe:hahah well if Viv wasn't go in the organe bikini i sure wasn't showing up in gold paint =P we wouldn't want to scare anyone now would we? hahah