Monday, March 27, 2006

Kanye West @ Horden Pavilion

We were excited! Originally the plan was that we would meet up with Joel at 5:00pm, have dinner at Fox & Lion then make our way to the show. We got there at 5 and the line was already round the corner. Because we were eager beavers I waited in line whilst the boys went to buy take away.

The support acts - Daniel and Che'nelle

The place was packed out with all sorts of people, most were extremely young which left me wondering since when did kids have so much money to go to concerts?!?! People were pushing and shoving like crazy! but everyone wanted prime position.

Initially we were pretty close to the front with only 10 or so people in front of us, it was hard work maintaining our spot. The pushing coupled with the heat made it unbearable! and people got more aggressive as they waited. At one point Jacky fully cracked it at a bunch of girls who kept pushing and shoving in front of him.

After a while people started to relax which all changed when HE came on. All of a sudden there was this big push from the crowd behind me. I felt my feet lift off the ground as I was caught in the wave of people. I was actually scared and I remember turning to a girl in front of me and whispering...I can't breathe! But I waited 4 hours for this so I wasn't going anywhere!

He was amazing!!! charismatic, energetic, he totally captivated the audience. I mean, I've always been a fan but watching him live just took things to a whole new level. I think being so close added to the whole experience.

"Diamonds are forever..." You tell em Kanye!

He danced so hard during one of his songs that he actually sprained his ankle, as a result we were treated to a whole range of things unplanned. Here he was having a drink on stage with the crowd chanting "He's a piss head through and through...go! go! go! go!" he played to the crowd and sculled a whole drink with the crowd cheering him on.

He came on stage just after 9 and didn't finish till after10:30pm singing a few of his hand picked "never performed" extra songs to make up for the lack of dancing so that "we could get our moneys worth". Woot!

At every concert we go to, we always swing the camera around to take a picture of the crowd. This wasn't done purposely but if you look at the front you can see Muz, Viv and Matty. I had such a shock when I loaded my pictures tonight.

What a memorable night! even with all the dramas of the crowd I came out thinking how lucky I was to witness him perform in person myself.

Larger photos Here.


Vivien said...

Em! haha of all the places we all could've been standing, we ended up barely metres away from eachother. quite the coincidence! :)

haha we all look so glum, you must've taken it at a particularly impatient crowd moment

Bosco said...

Damn, look at the crowd... Crack music in action right there! hahahaha... Still, sold I am.

PiCkLeS said...

Viv: You guys did such a good job pushing to the front considering that you guys came in so much later than us. I think u were smart wearing your thongs because I wore my 'comfy' heels for the extra height so I could see, but they soon became not very comfy very quickly!

Bosco: don't worry next week is your turn! heheh

reverendtimothy said...

He sprained his ankle on-stage?! That's crazy! He must've been dancing like a madman! Hahaha.

Ahh, there's nothing like a good concert. Looks like you guys had fun! :-) (Well sorry, SOUNDS like you had fun - doesn't LOOK it from the photos, hehehe)