Saturday, December 02, 2006

Emma's On Liberty

It's been a while since we last caught up, 8 months in fact. Since April, Caroline has moved over to London and Rodna has just come back from yet another world trip, Jill has been getting all her visas ready (England & Ireland) and looks set to move over there next year. I've been friends with these girls since high school and we've grown closer as the years have progressed. It's great to see them all doing so well and it's interesting to see the different paths that we taken in our lives.
After our wedding Jacky and I have decided that our next goal is to save for another world trip to see the parts of Europe we haven't already seen followed by a big trip to China. So hopefully if all goes to plan, in 2 years I will be blogging about catching up with Caroline, Jill and Rodna whilst sitting at a cafe somewhere in Europe.
Tuesday 28, November 2006
I'm not familiar with the Enmore area and was delighted when Jill suggested somewhere new to try. Emma's on Liberty is located right in the middle of a street of residential townhouses - the last place that I expected to find a busy Lebanese restaurant. The place is very small and cosy and is filled with diners ranging from couples, groups of friends to young families.
The place is very modern and is decorated with unique pieces (mirrors, ornaments and paintings) to add a bit of the Middle Eastern flavour.

Complimentary Lebanese bread for starters with olive oil and pepper dip
Mixed Dip Plate – selection of hommous, baba ganouge and labne served with fried Lebanese bread $15

Haloumi – grilled with sumac, chilli and fresh mint $9
Lady Fingers – Four Filo pastry rolls filled with lamb, pine nuts and pomegranate molasses $10

Felafel – four serves of spicy beans, herbs and spices deep fried until golden $10

I couldn’t tell you what these two desserts were because they were on the specials board on the side of the wall. They were about $6.95 each and the first one was like pistachio nougat mixed with a sweet vanilla ice cream, the second was a moist hazel nut slice with a sweet sugar syrup and ice cream.

I wasn’t a big fan of the desserts it was a little too sweet for my liking but the food was really nice and not overly salty like some of the Lebanese restaurants I have tried. I would recommend not getting the banquet menu and ordering a range of different dishes off the menu to share. Don’t be deceived by the portions because it’s all very filling, the best part? It’s BYO.

Emma's On Liberty
Lebanese, Vegeterian
59 Liberty Street
Enmore, Sydney
PH: (02) 9550 3458

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