Sunday, December 17, 2006

Arup Christmas Party 2006

What: Arup Christmas Party 2006
Where: Doncaster Room Randwick Race Course
When: Saturday 16, December 2006
Theme: 80's
The last time that I was at the Doncaster Room at Randwick Race Course was in 1999 for my yr 12 formal. In 99 Jacky and I had been going out for 1.5 years, who knew that we would return 7 years later and still together, the place did bring back memories.
I wanted Jacky to dress up as Tom Cruise in Risky Business but Jacky refused – something about not wanting to walk around in his underwear. Instead he went for the skinny red tie look (thanks for making it Mum!). I probably could have made a lot more effort with my costume (or lack of) but I really had no time and I was meeting all of Jacky’s managers and colleagues for the first time. The Schneider do that I went with him to last year was a very serious affair so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The night started with drinks followed by a formal 3 course sit down dinner, the party started off a little slow (but then again I’m comparing engineers with recruiters and lawyers) with the chit chat being a little bit awkward. However unlike Schneider the engineers at Arup all had a lot of personality which all came out as the night progressed.

Half of the room

As you can see some of the costumes were amazing!

Doncaster Room 1999 & 2006 (Still the same just fatter)

One guy built the Berlin Wall and wore it around all night - dance floor and all, I assume he was one of the structural engineers.

Look! It's Danger Mouse
Warm chicken satay tenderloin, steamed Jasmine rice, peanut sauce with red onion.

Baked salmon on baby beans, potato olives and Yarra Valley feta, white balsamic and garlic dressing.
Roast organic turkey, sage and onion seasoning, chipolata sausages and cranberry jus
Post-roasted lamb rump, baked vegetable with rosemary jus
Apple and rhubarb crumble and vanilla bean-ice cream.
Chocolate crème brulee with sugar biscuit

Christmas mince pies to have with tea or coffee
It turned out to be a really great night, they presented six '10 years of service awards' and you could really tell that all these people loved their job and their company - it was great to see. Jacky is thinking about transferring to their London office (or even China) to get experience on some of their bigger projects, we'll see where the wind takes us.
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DJ Ho said...

I was at the Doncaster Room 7 years ago too :P

Sophia said...

hmm.. way to savage schneider :p

Ayako1984 said...

Hehehe you guys looked pretty adorable =D the most exciting thing I've ever done at the Doncaster Room are my end of session uni exams (-_-")

PiCkLeS said...

Matt: haha still trying to think of what you look like, you don't seem to be in any ofmy photos on the night.

Sophia: very big difference between the 2 cultures.

Amanda: thanks you! you have exams at Doncaster??

Ayako1984 said...

Well, HAD exams there. UNSW uses the Galaxy room and various other rooms at the Racecourse for exam venues every year.