Sunday, July 30, 2006

Christmas In July

Christmas in July is a very popular holiday usually celebrated by people in the US. It’s hasn’t been something that we have celebrated in the past, but seeing that Sarah now lives in Israel (where they don’t celebrate Christmas) we had to hold a Christmas just for her. In the weeks leading up to it, we each picked out a KK in a secret ballot and the budget was set at $10 (no one EVER sticks to budget!).

With Christmas Carols playing in the background, decorations throughout the house and us being all together again it absolutely felt like Christmas!

Left: The Chefs who put on a feast for us! Right: The Pig The Taste Tester

The Entree: Smoked Salmon with halloumi cheese on top of a mixed salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and a dash of lemon juice, Garlic bread.
The Mains:
Baked Cream potatoes, roast chicken with stuffing, marinated ox tongue, garlic mushrooms, sweet potato and a mixed salad with parmesan

Chocolate cake, homemade fruit tarts & a Chocolate Christmas log (great job on the icing Nikki!). Not pictured is the Vanilla cake and Pineapple tarts.
Then came the presents.......

and the laughter...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Photo Album Here

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ugh ~

Today I am going out to UNSW to present to 50 or so 4th year Law students on 'Summer Clerkship Success'. It's not even 9am and so far I've managed to almost miss the train, get out on the wrong floor twice, leave my toast at the coffee shop and spill coffee on my skirt.



To the Foodies who visit my blog I'm sorry for the lack of food posts lately, I can't keep up with the posting! After I move into my new place in a months time, I'll get myself organised.
3:24pm - Just got back from the presentation and around 100 people showed up. The turn out totally exceeded my expectations. It was a bit strange because I recognised people from their Xanga. In other news I've just been told that the HR Team across all offices in Australia are being sent on a retreat held at Novotel St Kilda I hope it's not boring.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Roula and Anderee's Wedding

First there was the engagement.
Then there was the Kitchen Tea.
On Sunday July 23rd 2006 the first of my primary school/highschool friends got married. The whole day was so surreal…it really hits you, and you catch yourself thinking ‘wow everyone is growing up; she’s getting married!!’. It was hard to take photos because I didn't want to get in the way of the professional photographer so I snuck around with my little Cannon in hand sneaking some shots here and there.
Roula gets ready at the house...doesn't she look stunning!

Introducing the bridesmaids: Belinda (Anderee's sister), May & Vivian (Roula's sister)

This is us looking 'shocked' at how beautiful everyone looked.

It is a Lebanese tradition that big baskets of flowers with well wishes are delivered to the brides home and the reception centre. The whole house looked like a florist! Roula got really emotional as some members of her family made a few speeches before she headed to the church.

The father of the bride....
St Joseph's Maronite Catholic Church - The church pews were decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, not a single detail was missed.

Roula's niece Chanel was the flower girl and looked like a mini bride (so cute!)

The Reception - Le Montage 'The Sarah Grand Ballroom'

350 guests! This was by far the biggest wedding that I have been to.

As the guests got settled, the Proud Parents made their entry. The drums begans beating followed by traditional music played by a live band called the 'Eastern Boys'.

"Mr Shahade & Mrs Jamal Shalala" - "Mr Tony & Mrs Adele Saade"
They were followed by the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

Belly dancers appeared from nowhere and everyone went quiet. The MC announced:
"Appearing for the first time as Husband and Wife Mr Anderee & Mrs Roula Saade!"

The traditional Lebanese music and drums went off! and the crowd erupted! The bride and groom continued to the dance floor and Roula danced with Anderee shaking her hips, boy can that girl shake! It was THE most awesome thing!! I was so excited that I was jumping and cheering like a crazy person! We all soon joined them on the dance floor (I'm getting pretty good with this hip shaking business hahha, it was good practice for Christina's wedding).


Entree - Tequila Cured Salmon Tower Fresh salmon cured with tequila, sea salt bound with avocado, sour cream dressing served with fresh salad greens and a parmesan wafer

Platters - Oysters Siciliana & Grilled Calamari

Gourmet Antipasto Delicacies consisting of salad greens layered with peppronata marinated grilled eggplant, double smoked ham, prosciutto, pepper salami, topped with grilled asparagus with a marinated artichoke flower, bordered with caprese salad of buffalo mozzarella, vine ripened tomato & basil salad spotted with garlic fried beans and black olives.

Refreshment - Magarita Granita splashed with midori liqueur

Main Alternate 1 - Roasted breast of chicken filled with mushroom cream sauce mousse resting on fresh vegetable ratatoulle

Main Alternate 2 - Kind Island beef scotch fillet carved and served on basil and linguini aglio olia, parmigana with shredded eggplant, accompanied by sugar snap peas drizzled with garlic jus.

Dessert - Vanilla creme Brulee served with a brandy snap wafer surrounded by a berry compote.

The dance floor was never empty, the music was excellent and strangers joined hands to dance together in a circle.

The dresses on the night...

Roula's nephew Raphael is absolutely adorable and well behaved. He was convinced that I was Cho as in the Cho from Harry Potter. I think that's what happens when you are 1 of 4 Asian people in a room of 350.


Roula and Anderee we wish you all the happiness in the world! Thank you for inviting us to share this special day with you!!
Love Emily & Jacky
More Photos Here
I think that you have seen this before, but I have to show you again (sorry Kat you were in a different row).
This is us then (1988)
This is us now (2006)
Friends for 19 years....