Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Instead of posting about the rest of my trip I'll just write a quick update in light of recent events. On the day that we first heard about the earth quake, we couldn't believe that it had happened. It either failed to set in or we just didn't want to believe that our dream holiday would be over.

It's now a few days later and the death toll from the Tsunami and quake has risen to 22,000. CNN reports of the loss and devastation and shows graphic pictures of bodies floating in the water yet to be collected. The Chinese newspapers are just as graphic posting faces of the dead.

We are very grateful that we weren't in Phuket when it happened but can't help feeling disappointed. We are planning to cancel the rest of the trip to Bangkok, Malaysia and Phuket but will need to confirm that our travel insurance will cover all the costs. The staff at STA travel have been absolute dickheads – basically telling us it's not their problem when we went to try change our flights. For each enquiry we wanted them to make on our behalf would cost us $100.00 AUD and take 4 days.
It's not the best time for us right now, but our relatives are keeping our spirits up.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Emily & Jacky in Tokyo

The post about Japan has been moved to my Travel Blog.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Up, Up and Away...

Hi all I'm at work right now, I stayed back till 8:00pm last night and feel like I haven't been home. I haven't had time to pack and have to be at the airport by 7:30 -8:00pm tonight my stress levels are through the roof and I'm still trying to close deals with my clients.
I doubt that I will be blogging over the next 4 weeks so a big thanks to all who visit my blog. Have a very Merry Christmas and a even better new year!
Japan, Hong kong, China, Bangkok, Malaysia, Phuket here I comeeee!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hudson Christmas 2004

The 2004 Hudson Christmas Party was held at Cruise Bar Circular Quay. The Theme this year was Carnivale`!! Last year we had a cabret show, this year we had Brazilian Dancers in skimpy costumes and a capoeira dance performance.
The Costumes were excellent!! the alcohol was free and unlimited and the location was fantastic! I had the best night!! those who know me will also know that I rarely drink but when you work so hard you also play a bit harder.
I apologise to those who received weird phone calls from me late at night….I assure you that I wasn’t drunk (ok maybe I was)….but from what I gather I gave everyone a good laugh, and most of you won’t let me forget it any time soon. Fortunately there were no major dramas and I made it home safely in one piece (thanks for the lift Dazza).

I paid for it the next morning when I woke up with the worse hang over – I hadn’t experienced anything like this since back in the ‘Schoolies’ days. The light hurt my eyes and the room kept spinning even as I stood still. As a result I had to cancel my 10:30am appointment as there was no way that I could have driven myself there. I also became aware of the blisters on my feet, some had popped and it hurt. I hadn't noticed or felt them the night before, and had managed to dance the night away all in a brand new pair of high heels....yes...alcohol is an evil substance.
My head was still throbbing when I hobbled to work at the Sass and Bide warehouse sale later that afternoon. Despite the aching legs and arms, it was a great deal. For 5 and a half hours of folding, cleaning up and moving things around; I got 100 bucks and any 2 items of Sass and Bide clothing, cans of red bull and pizza for dinner.

Baku was really hectic today, the store was busy and the air con was pumping out warm air. Some of the customers smelt a bit funny and we ran out of packaging! I can’t believe that tomorrow is Monday; I haven’t even recovered from last week! Enough blogging I think I’ll go have a lie down now and catch up on the episodes of the Apprentice. Enjoy the photos!!

Ready to Drop

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been ages since my last post but I’ve just been flat out! Work has really picked up and instead of a quiet wind down to 2004 I’ll be working right till I fly out. So here is what I have been up to/scheduled to do.
26/11/04 - Business Women’s Breakfast (Crown Plaza)
26/11/04 - Jacky’s mums birthday dinner
27/11/04 – Paula’s surprise party (engagement)
29/11/04 – KK Christmas dinner with the girls at Wildfire
3/12/04 Hudson X'mas Party 2004 @ Cruise Bar
04/12/04 – Working at the Sass and Bide warehouse sale
05/12/04 - Sarah’s farewell dinner
10/12/04 – Team X’mas lunch
12/12/04 - Dinner with Alex?
17/12/04 – Office X’mas lunch at Putney Park
17/12/04 – Fly out to Japan
Some of my recent highlights have included our Annual Kris Kringle Dinner at Wildfire in Circular Quay. We each had a budget of $100 -$150 but it was pretty obvious that everyone spent a lot more than that. There were some great gifts that were exchanged, handbags, swimsuits, shoes, jewellery and beautiful underwear sets. The location was lovely and it was great to finally try out such a famous restaurant. So what did I get? Well Lisa was my KK and I received a Hot Pink Sachi fold over clutch bag, a pink top and ceramic and teflon curling iron (which I later put to great use).

Also a Big Congratulations to Paula (who some of you may remember as my former assistant). Her Boyfriend Darren proposed in a Hot Air Balloon just over the Hunter Valley *how sweeet*.