Saturday, November 11, 2006

Annabel & Caleb's Wedding

Saturday 4 November, 2006

After my God Sister's wedding earlier in the year I knew we had another busy day on our hands.

7:30am - our family leaves to go to the brides house.
9:00am - the groom arrives at the brides house only to be greeted by my cousins 'sisters' who puts the groom through a series if 'tests' before he is allowed to pick up his bride. The groom brings along a band of 'brothers' to assist him.
Caleb was given photos of models & dancers in awkward poses, together with his 'brothers' they had to recreate the pose. Next Caleb had to recite a poem written for Annabel in mandarin (Caleb doesn't speak mandarin.......). Caleb also had to be sure that he knew his bride well as the sisters quizzed him on her favourite colour, food, movie and so on.

The sisters then brought out a plate of green and red grapes covered in cream. For every question answered incorrectly the groom and his brothers would have to eat a grape with no hands; the colour of the grape would be specified by the sisters. Last but not least a door fee is negotiated before the groom is allowed in. The door fee which can range from few hundred to a thousand, is split amongst the sisters for their hard work.

Success! The groom greets his bride!

Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony at a Chinese wedding serves as a means for both parties in the wedding to meet with members of the other family, drinking the tea symbolises acceptance into the family. This is where older relations of the family will present the bride with gifts of jewellery as well as a red envelope containing money to the matrimonial couple. The couple on the other hand would be expected to give a red envelope to younger, unmarried relations.
Usually all the jewellery that is receive during the tea ceremony is to be worn with the traditional Chinese dress at the end of the night (my cousin managed to fill a giant back pack full of jewellery!). I don't think that she could have physically worn all the jewellery even if she had chosen to follow tradition.

A few quick photos before the bride and groom leaves to repeat the whole tea ceremony. This is done at the grooms home, with the grooms side of the family.

Some photos taken in the brides backyard

The car arrives....the bride farewells her mothers home

Because I am part of the brides family (Annabel who I call cousin, is my mum's cousin's daughter) I don't go with the bride and groom when they go to the grooms house. Instead the bride's family has yum cha together until it is time to leave for the marriage ceremony at the church.

2:00pm Chinese Presbyterian Church - Surry Hills

There was a funny moment towards the end of the ceremony when the Pastor forgot to let the groom kiss the bride....the groom yelled out in shock "don't I get to kiss my bride?!?!"

The marriage certificates were signed shortly after.

Annabel & Caleb walked hand in hand as Mr & Mrs Cheung for the very first time.

After the ceremony the guest then had afternoon tea at the Church Hall, we had exactly 2 hrs before the reception so we ducked home to get changed.

Reception - Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel, Circular Quay

The Menu


Roast Peking Duck & Hokkien Noodle Salad with Chilli Plum Sauce

Harbour Seafood Plate with Pacific Oysters, Tasmanian Salmon, King Prawns & Scallops


Grilled Ocean Trout with Saffron, Mashed Potato, Brocollini, Lime & Ginger Beurre Blanc

Grilled Beef Tenderloin on Potato Leek Cake, Crispy Pancetta & Port Wine Jus


Selection of Miniture Desserts

Followed by handmade chocolates (which some lady on my table swiped! the whole chocolates in her hanky trick!)

The bride & groom giving a toast at each table (there were 165 guests)

It's tradition at Chinese weddings for the bride to change multiple times. Here Annabel changes into a silver beaded dress for the showing of their DVD. They also performed a song together with Caleb at the piano.

Rather than wearing a traditional Chinese gown at the end of the night Annabel changes into another white dress for the throwing of the bouquet.

I did NOT want to go up! I was the tallest girl there and I didn't want to stand out, but I kept getting the push from the relos. Also, I didn't think I was suppose to go up seeing I recently got engaged?? So I stood off to the side with Sophia only to see the bouquet flying straight towards me.

You can see my sister pissing herself laughing at me because she knew how hard I was trying to avoid the bouquet. She also claims that I screamed out "OH Nooooooooo" as the flowers came in my direction.

Annabel & Caleb Congratulations! We wish you all the happiness that married life brings.

More Photos Here


Kim said...

Love the green dress Em!

bonnie said...

love the dresses!! haha and you ended up going with straight hair and then curling it!! :)

pretty pretty!!

what did you think of the reception, ms. food bloggie? =p they get full marks for presentation from me! coincidental... my aunty got married at that church 5 years ago and it was her daughter's 4th bday today!

p.s. congrats for catching the bouquet! just wait till Jacky and your wedding.. you'll be the one throwing it and NOT the one catching it! =P

PiCkLeS said...

Kim: Thanks!

Bonnie: hahha yeh it's very quick to curl my hair, though a lot harder when it's shorter. I almost wish that i didn't curl it because the weather was humid from the rain and i couldn't get my hair to do what i wanted it to.

Overall the food was nice the entrees were good and the desserts excellent! Mains came out a bit cold but i suppose it's hard to keep the food warm when you are serving 160 people.

You know I have to work out which is your dad because I've met all your uncles and I even went to the wedding of one of them years ago.

Natasha said...

that green dress is really nice! where did you get it from? also I love those crazy wedding games.. are you going to have them at yours Em?

Bon said...


Do you have any idea how many years ago the wedding was? If you did, it'd probably give me an idea of whose wedding it was. I never knew you knew all my uncles!! I thought it was just my dad... XD

btw is your dad still in ACSA?

PiCkLeS said...

Tash: it's from a London designer (mum got it for me through work for a fraction ofthe cost) will check when i get home.

Bonnie: I only remeber he was the skinniest looking out of all the brothers.