Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Morning - Roula's Kitchen Tea

"What's a Kitchen Tea?" I asked one of my friends "Like a bridal shower/champagne breakfast but you bring a gift for the kitchen".

My Friend Roula who I have known for 20 years is getting married and on Sunday her sister + family + friends (it really was a team effort) threw her a Kitchen Tea. I expected that it would be a small party with 20 or so people, some sausage rolls and bacons and eggs...I couldn't have been more wrong!

When I arrived at Vivian's house my jaw just dropped!! The whole double garage had been transformed, colour spilled from every corner and balloons flooded the ceiling. The detail was amazing! from the personalised lollies to the carefully folded napkins that looked like cocktail glasses (the amount of time that all this must have taken).

And then I spotted the food....

The entree platters, the fruit punch
Oh, did I mention the fruit and cake for the TWO chocolate fountains?!?

(white chocolate & milk)

Then came the lunch, I kept thinking that I took heaps of photos of the food but looking at the photos now there was so much more than what you see here...I must have been eating.
There were a lot of games and everyone had a great laugh! the champagne glasses with the floating strawberry was a big hit.

Then came "Pin the Macho on the Man" poor Anderee had his head superimposed on a poster of a semi-naked man (I'm sure you know how this game is played). Roula seemed to have a funny idea of where Anderees "macho" went (she pinned it on his belly button).

Then there was dessert....

I had to rush off just after 1 but I had the most awesome time and I was sad to leave so soon (I had no idea it'd be such a big day!). The wedding is next month and I'm so excited! She is going to look absolutely stunning!
More Photo's here

Sunday Afternoon - High Tea at the Swiss Hotel

After such an impressive Kitchen Tea at Roula's it's pretty hard to give a fair review for anywhere else. I think on any other day I would have been very impressed with the selection of sandwiches and desserts on offer; but on this day my heart just wasn't in it. Instead, I enjoyed the company of 21 other foodies, it was a great opportunity to meet some new friends.

I've never been to a high tea and I didn't know quite what to expect, but when Helen mentioned buffet I just assumed that there would be a plethora of food (more like a lunch). Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to choose from but it really is an afternoon tea where there are a few finger sandwiches to choose from and a lot of sweets. Even with such a big dessert selection one can only consume that much sugar.
The tea goes for 2 hours from 2pm to 4pm at a cost of $25 per person. I’d definitely come again on a day when I am not so full, it's a nice and relaxing place for friends to catch up (especially when you have a sugar craving).
A big thank you to Helen for organising, the day was great and it was lovely meeting everyone!

High tea at the Crossroads Bar
Swissotel Sydney
Level 8, 68 Market Street Sydney
Tel: 02 9238 7088

Friday Night Triva - "Hands for Maz"

The sister of one of the girls that I work with is battling cancer, it's been extra hard on everyone because she is the mother of 2 very young kids. To show our support we participated in a fundraising Trivia night held at St Patricks Sutherland. The turnout was massive with over 200 people turning up. I think that a lot of money was raised, a soccerball with the sigantures of all the Soccerroos sold for $1500 (if only I had money) it was really great to see a community pull together like that.

We thought that we were pretty good with trivia but the questions were hard (unless you were a child of the 50's!). In the end Jacky and I conceded that we are pretty crap at Trivia and if it wasn't for my team we would have easily come last.


helen said...

omg I heard you mention the kitchen tea but I didn't realise you had just come from it!

You get top marks for quickest posting I think. And I'm really chuffed that you left all that food for the (modest by comparison) high tea. Thanks for coming. It was so nice to meet you both.

Dianna said...

oh. my. gawd.
that kitchen tea looked like it was held in willy wonka's factory.
how did they manage to get so much food and sweets?!
where did they get the food from?!

oh i love the photos ems!

trish said...


someone i know throw one of them please!! and those photos have great light and colour =))!

Sophia said...

Oh my. No wonder you kept on complaining you were full.

thegreatwhitehope said...

Somebody seemed to know exactly where the Macho went on the Man, did the bride-to-be get jealous???

PiCkLeS said...

Helen: hahha it's ok I had planned to go to the high tea a bit before hand anyway, I just didn't realise Roula's breakfast would be so big!

Di: well I asked Rulez the same question and her sister's, parents & aunties all helped in the kitchen. Most of the cakes and dishes were all home made! Very impressive I say! And the colour was just bursting from the room.

Trish: Thanks Trish the low ceilings were great! except for the beams that kept blocking the flash. I'm still dreaming of all the cakes!

Sophia: I wasn't kidding!

Matty: hahha that would be Christina who pinned it rights on the bulls she managed to do so, i'm not going to even ask!

Hoi said...

I didn't like the Swissotel high tea all that much actually - pretty bland. The Westin one was better for both food and location, though more expensive. I wonder what the Observatory Hotel one's like?

I personally think it's too much sugar for the afternoon, but people (e.g. Sharon) seem to love it, so...

Anyway, onto more important matters - where's that plasma screen of yours? If you have nowhere to put it, I'll happily store it for you until the end of the World Cup!