Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bells are in the air

I haven’t posted in a while; there’s always so much I want to tell but after sitting in front of a computer at work all day the last thing that I want to do when I get home is to sit at the computer some more. I’ve also been feeling a bit embarrassed, it’s probably really silly but it was brought on when I noticed people commenting on my blogs – people that I didn't know. I started worrying that people would laugh at what a boring life I lead or at the ‘childish’ manner in which I write. But at the same time I do feel flattered that people would even bother visiting this site and taking time to read what I have to say.

On a totally different note it would seem that everyone is getting married! In my office 3 people have tied the knot in the past few weeks and my cousin is getting married in a week and a half. I'm so disappointed that I'll miss out on going- I LOVE weddings! he lives & works in HK but with my trip at the end of the year I don't have annual leave to spare. It’s such an exciting time, but the stress that you watch them go through makes you wonder at times. One girl had 600 people at her reception….600 people at $100 per head - over half the people she didn't know.

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time for CSI gotta run!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

And then!??!

So what did I end up doing?

Well I felt pretty lousy for the rest of the day so I sent over an email apologising – it had sounded worse than I had intended. and never meant to hurt her feelings. Due to my outlook tracking function, I knew that she read my email at 11:45am but did not reply and pretty much ignored me for the rest of the day.

I felt horrible! Guilty, and was distracted for the rest of the day. The people from my team said I've never said a bad word about anyone and that really the other manager should just get over it, after all I was just being honest. They were totally against me approaching her to apologise any further. But I was genuinely sorry; if I were in her shoes I’d be very hurt with what I said and I didn’t want things to be awkward.

After work I waited till most people left and went up to apologise in person. As expected she put on a big (possibly fake) smile and said that it was perfectly alright and that she had forgotten already. She said that she saw my email and had meant to reply but forgot.

To get an idea of what she is like, she can be described as the eccentric type. She’s Australian with bright orange hair and married to a Malaysian. She speaks fluent Hindi and is convinced that she was Indian in her past life, thus regular trips back to India to be in touch with her 'heritage'. She really looks out for her team and is not as nice to those that aren’t in her team. but hey I’m just glad things are sorted…so I hope.

Monday, September 13, 2004

*Choke* *Choke*

You know those moments where you wished you could dig a hole and jump in and die! Well if I could right now I would!

One of the girls came by and said – “someone’s painted the office toilets pink and green over the weekend and it looks really bad, go have a look”. I went to have a look and yes it was really bad.

So I came back out and I said to my friend, “Omg it looks so tacky that I could have done a better job!” thinking that we had paid professional people to do this.

As I sat back down at my desk I get emails from the office support team telling me that their manager who sat next to my friend had come in on the weekend and painted the toilets herself (who does that!). I feel so terrible; I’m trying to work out what to do now because I know she heard me, and that she’s upset (as you would be). I quickly rang my manager for advice who tells me to go say sorry in person. Whilst people from office support said that confronting her in person is a definite no no. They said it would be much better to write an email of apology so as to not blow things up unnecessarily. Not sure what to do yet.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Digging Holes

I was discussing an issue with my manager Reena when my work phone rings – on the end of the other line was my Head Manager Neil who whispers to me ‘when are you going to get the cake and flowers??’ I had a moment where I panicked a bit, thinking that I had forgotten to organise cake and flowers for someone.

I looked over to Neil’s desk and said ‘sorry I don’t know what you are talking about’ …long pause...Neil then replies ‘Sorry I was meant to call Emma’ (Emma is my secretary).

It finally hit me that Neil had called Emma to organise cake and flowers for me for my birthday but had called the wrong ‘Em’ and ruined the surprise! Boy did my team members give it to him!