Sunday, May 28, 2006

Barbara & Edgars Wedding

Friday 26 May, 2006

6:00am - The Bride gets ready

11:00am - The Groom arrives to pick up his bride...In line with Chinese tradition the 'Sisters' must make this as hard as possible, let the games begin!

Task 1 - Apply the make up provided and drive down to the chemist to buy wet wipes, make sure that you take a picture of you paying for the wipes.

Task 2 - With the help of your 'brothers', eat with a teaspoon: a jar of ONOX, a tube of vegemite, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of mayonnaise. (The Boys were prepared and brought their own water).

Due to time restraints the Groom and his band of 'Brothers' got off easy, they finished off with negotiating the door fee ($500 cash for entry).

Success! the Bride awaits inside

The Chinese Tea ceremony (Brides Side) begins and the Bride is given her gifts (usually jewellery) that will be worn with her traditional Chinese gown at the end of the night.

Off to the ceremony they go...

The Bride looks stunning and a Proud father helps her out of the car

The 'Sisters' and 'Brothers' gets ready as the Bride prepares to walk down the isle.

The veil goes over and the Father of the Bride walks her down the aisle, the Groom awaits her at the other end.

The Vows are made and the rings exchanged

"You may kiss the Bride.."

Chinese Tea Ceremony (Groom's side)

The Reception
Jacky and I arrive early to help set up

The Place looked awesome!
12 Course Menu

Time for a few Photos before the Brides costume change

I loved this dress especially the colour! You can't tell in the photo but it she was wearing the most beautiful neck piece that I have ever seen...

Time to toast each table (200 guests) CHEERS!

Time for the Reception games (Why? because it's a Chinese wedding tradition)

In the first picture the Groom has a 2 strawberries and a banana hanging at his crotch. In the second picture the Bride is blind folded and has to bite the banana. In the 3rd picture the Groom is biting a strawberry from the bride's chest hehhe

Here she has to get a raw egg to go up one leg and out through the other but the egg got stuck at his crotch...very very amusing for all...


The traditional Chinese gown (usually Red)

These were the thank you gifts given by the Bride and Groom, I love the symbolism behind's those dolls where, as much as you knock them down they always bounce back up!

Congratulations to you both!
Photo Album Here


princess_party said...

wow the bride looks so pretty in all her dresses =) you look hot as well em!!
you gotta love chinese weddings and the funny games lol

reverendtimothy said...

Oh wow... everyone looks simply stunning. That's easily my favourite part of a wedding - seeing everyone looking their best.

Regarding the games, hahaha, I played those games at my 18th!! Haha. In fact, we split the party into boys and girls and EVERYONE played those games! I had no idea they were traditional Chinese wedding games, though. Crazy! However you'll have to take my word on it because it's unlikely those photos will ever make their way online - especially considering I was dressed like Frank N Furter from Rock Horror (and so were a lot of other people, haha).

Looks like you had an awesome time! And that little blue slip is sex-ay! Haha. :-)

trish said...

hey cool! that's the same reception place i went to recently when i was bridesmaid=) it's really cool!

Dianna said...

oh i love looking at celebratory photos!!!

where was the home? it looks like the Hills hehe.

PiCkLeS said...

Cynth: hahha thanks Cynth! was just awesome to see her get married. I might try dig up an old photo of us of when we were like 4....we're growing up...

Tim: lol yes do keep the compliments coming, it will get you everywhere! hahaha i'm not sure if they are the 'traditional chinese games' expect everyone seems to do the same games year after year wedding after wedding....i'm hoping to avoid these games when it's my turn.

Trish: Yeah it's nice! it's by the same people who designed Crown Casino, it was very hard to use bounce lighting because the walls were really high and curvy and I totally forgot to bring the speed light for the day and house shots. But i still managed to snap heaps of pics...loving my new 4 gig CF card.

Di: Welcome back! She lives where JY JY may have seen some crazy clowns running around her streets in the morning.

Dianna said...

oh Emily!!!
you look so good in that blue slip! *stares*

is it alannah hill or bare? your body is so juicy and slim!
And your hair is so volumous! And your pose is so elegant and unassuming!!
*faints from adoration*

hehehehe, okay your readers will think i'm a weirdo stalker

thegreatwhitehope said...

It's Epping! I recognise the pharmacy (I'm so sad).

PiCkLeS said...

Di: you are one funny funny girl! uhm..that's a Bare one..i really liked the dresses she had in that collection (not so much the collections since). Though, looking at the latest pics from fashion week Rebecca Davies seems to have gone back to her old style which is nice.

Matty: hahha that's pretty good Matty shows you know your clients! (i'm assuming it's your client)

marknam_rocksmyjocks said...

you know i came across this promo material for like...lexis nexis or something, and the girl looked SOO much like you i did triple takes hehe. it randomly reminded me of you :P