Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy 30th Mandy

Spent Saturday night at Mandy's 30th the theme of the night was Black & White (funny enough it seems Trish and Jc went to a party with the same theme). Thanks Mandy for the great food, great music and great cocktails!

Me, Emma (the best assistant in the world!), Radha from London, Mandy the B'day Girl & Princess Jenny
This is a quarter of my team from the Parramatta Office showing our love for the Westside =P

Friday, July 29, 2005


It’s 9:00am and I am onto my 2nd chocolate bar. Thank God it’s Friday!


Matty's going to Hong Kong Tonight, I wish I was going to Hong Kong. I could really do with some retail Therapy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Good old Parramatta.

Just as I was leaving work last night an email gets sent around to advise us 'a man has been stabbed in front of Parramatta Westfield, the surrounding area has been blocked off’.

Great. Just Great.

Alex thanks for dinner last night!
Thanks Joel for helping me with the Boy II Men tickets <--- girls this is the guy to thank!

Monday, July 25, 2005

To date or not to date

Going back 6 months ago one of the girls in the office resigned, whilst it wasn’t made public we all knew she left because she had been seeing one of the Head Managers (her direct manager). A person on her team had a bit of a dummy spit one day and dobbed them into HR and the General Manager; needless to say that the situation got pretty messy very quickly and the relationship ended soon after.

I was actually really sad to see her go because she was a really lovely person and a good recruiter. Although she applied for an internal transfer she was unsuccessful and had to resign. In a discussion with my work colleague I made the passing comment that what happened was really harsh.

My colleague responded that no, she had it coming and that she put herself in that position by going out with her boss in the first place. I agree that I personally would never have put myself in that situation but when feelings get involved it gets a bit tricky, furthermore she never intended on people finding out. I guess in her defence she was in her 30s, had just arrived from overseas didn't know anyone; the male involved is also a very charming individual. Had it of been a manager in another team I don’t think it would have been an issue.

In general most people agree that dating someone you work with is a bad idea, it runs the possibility of making things very awkward if it doesn’t work out. Seeing that most of us spend ridiculous hours at work, it’s a bit ironic that it’s also the place where we are most likely to meet someone especially when you work for a large company.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Just got home from Matty's & Rick's joint birthday, theme - Jocks and Cheerleaders it turned out to be a fantastic night! Met a lot of new faces and extra props to Matty for a great speech. I think that it was the first time that I went to a party where the average UAI in the room was 99.5 - it's a daunting thought.
Here are a few photos that I took, I'll put the rest in an online album later.

B'day Boys

This Pic cracks me up

Party People

Speech! Rick looking a bit embrassed. This is when Matty warned 'Girls don't flirt with my brother'

JY, Viv, Ken

JC, Me, JC - Go Team!

Left: The amazing Trish + Viv with bat. Right: Jc giving a speech

Left: Matty Butt shot

I stole this pic from Trish Thanks Trish

This must be a record for the number of pics I've posted for any one entry.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Common Sense?

I had meant to blog about this yesterday but forgot about it until now. I caught up with one of my clients on Tuesday and during the visit I noticed that there was a new person in the admin team that my colleague had placed earlier. The previous candidate was a 19 yr old who had worked for the company before. He had a good track record his referees spoke highly of him; apparently he turned into an absolute diaster!

The role was suppose to be an ongoing contract, in the 2 weeks that he was there he managed to not show up to work twice with no call or explanation. When he was spoken to about this issue, he was fine for the next few days until one day he rocked up to work stoned. The final straw came when Friday was a mufti day and he showed up with jeans and no shirt on.

Go figure…

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Boscos

Indeed Bosco is quite a unique name, but alas there is another! Meet Jacky’s cousin Bosco Lau.

And this is his brother Christopher who stole my heart years ago *so cute*.

Miss you guys! hope that we get to visit soon.


On a totally different note *winks* at Betty.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Things Guys should never say to Girls

I had put off writing this post in case the person involved came and read it. Seeing that it hasn’t ceased to amuse me, I thought I’d share.

A couple of weeks ago I went for drinks with a bunch of old friends when one of these friends who I will now say is a really really nice guy (RRNG), tried to play me a compliment it went something like this:

RRNG: “Emily! Your back to normal!”
Me: “Oh what do you mean?”
RRNG: “When I saw you a few months ago outside the cinema you were HUGE! But you’re back to your normal weight now!”

Now at this point I thought I heard wrong but he even used hand actions to signal
<--------this big--------->. I wasn’t offended, more amused and a little shocked that I would be referred to as huge??

“Errrr I’ve kinda been the same weight this whole time, may be it was what I was wearing?”

I may have heard the next line wrong, but I’d be 95% sure that he said:

RRNG: “Your legs were really stumpy” *chuckles* and uses his hands to make the ‘stumpy’ hand action.

I didn't know quite what to say so I just laughed?

When I was at work today I showed Alex the pic below to which he replied: “You look really Big in that pic”, so when i gave him the O_o look he tried to argue that calling someone big is not the same as calling someone fat. Whilst I admit to having fat cheeks in photos ‘Big’ would probably not be a word you’d use to describe me. Alex I think you should shout me dinner, so you can make sure that I am not over eating how does Thursday sound??

My Weekend

Friday (Day) - Team Building + End of quarter 2 celebration lunch in our new city offices on Clarence St followed by drinks at Bar 333. Worked provided a lot of alcohol and I ended up drinking from lunch through to dinner. Despite what anyone says I still insist that I was not drunk at any stage!

Friday (Night) – Jazushi with Betty, Lisa, Kat and Sarah. Enjoyed it as much as I did last week.

Saturday (Day) – finished watching the season 1 of House.
Saturday (Night) – Christina’s 23rd at Orbit Bar, really nice place and the view is amazing. (The rest of my pics will be up on my webshots)
Sunday -Work at Baku 1-5:15pm

Next Friday Matt's 25th, Saturday Matty & Rick's Joint Birthday - anyone have any idea's on where I can get a cheerleader costume?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Trying to Understand

This must be the year of break ups. In the last 4 months alone I’ve seen 5 of my close friends break up with /or be dumped by their long term partners. All these couples have been together for at least 3 years and some even up to 6. Because Jacky and I have been together for so long I sometimes assume that other people are just like us; if they argue they will work it out and that all will be fine, especially when all this time has been invested.

This year has been a big wake up call in that things don’t always work out the way we expect and sometimes it’s actually for the best. It’s probably the dreamer in me that expects happy endings all the time – and you what? In some cases maybe the break up is the happy ending for the couple involved.

I also always assumed that being the dumper was better than being dumped, that way there would be less pain involved. Not true my friend assures me, the guilt and the pain that you feel of deeply hurting someone you love is a very hard thing to have to live with. For her, 5-6 months down the track things are not any easier.

I’ve never had an ex. I don’t know what it feels like to have one or how you would feel seeing them after x amount of time. Do you really reach a stage where you see them with someone else and it doesn’t bother you? Not even just a little? and what if the shoe is on the other foot where you are the new girlfriend/boyfriend and your new partner is the one with the long history with their ex? does that bug you?

I know this is a touchy issue, but if you are kind enough to share please comment.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I looked around the table and here we were once again, 5 girls who during high school hung out in totally different groups and probably said no more than 10 words to each other. Somehow Uni and our love of travelling saw us all come together and now 6 years out of high school we wouldn’t know what we’d do without each others company. Our lives are definitely heading in new directions (which I will elaborate on when I get the chance) but I can say that we are all very excited about the future.

Tonight I caught up with Rodna, Caroline, Jill and Andrea for dinner at Jazushi in Surry Hills. The atmosphere is fantastic, the service is without fault, the food was exceptional and the desserts absolutely delightful!

Between 5 girls we shared a bottle of wine, 10 dishes, rice for 5 people and 4 desserts. We all ate so much that we thought we’d burst, we expected the bill to be expensive and prepared for the worst but was pleasantly surprised. It only worked out to be $40 per person, for the quantity and quality of food tonight was indeed a bargain.
It’d be a great place for a girl’s night out (as the guys may find the servings a bit too small for their liking). If you get the chance check it out!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Mid Life Crisis?

My Manager thinks he is Batman. Literally.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Korean BBQ

Jacky never celebrates his birthday's because it falls right in the middle of Uni exams, so I thought what the heck I'm going to throw him a suprise one! Even though it was 2 weeks late we had a great night!

Thank you to everyone that came and for helping me pull it off (It almost didn't happen because Jacky thought he was going to dinner with the girls and he didn't want to go... but don't get me started).

Special props to Piny & James for their very creative Tuvok card and Glen and Joe for making such a cute couple (awww).

I'll send you guys the link to the larger size pics via email.