Wednesday, April 26, 2006


House hunting can be quite a stressful task especially when it’s your own. Everyone seems to have an opinion on where you should live, what you should get, how much to spend, city or suburbs, how much to pay for strata fees and because I’m Chinese there’s the ‘Feng Shui’ to consider.

Buying in Sydney is expensive! Even if you could afford a city apartment Strata fees will start at $1000 a quarter increasing every year. For the last few months we thought that we would buy in the City around Pyrmont. We’re young and we want convenience and to be close to work. But now it looks more likely that we’ll stay in the suburbs and we're probably looking to buy a 2-3 bedroom townhouse, a yard with grass, a cupboard that doesn’t double as a laundry and our own backyard where we can have a BBQ.

I think that I may have fallen for a place but our loan won’t be finalised till 2.5 weeks time (when my probation ends). Despite reports that the Housing market is still sluggish we know and can see that the market is very active! Chances are, the place we like will be sold by the time that we’re ready to offer.

On Wednesday Jacky had mapped out about 8 open for inspections that we would check out over the weekend. When Saturday came around 4 places had already been snapped up. I guess if it’s meant to be it will be, and if not then there is somewhere out there waiting for us to find it.


Dianna said...

omg Feng Shui is SO important!!!!

Good luck emmels.
keep me updated =)

Bosco said...

House hunting is a B*tch, I've been doing it for almost a year and have since passed the duty on to my parents. I think i've found something again though... finally, in ultimo... fingers crossed.

reverendtimothy said...

Blergh! I hate the house market. I'm glad it's you and not me! Haha.

Good luck, though!

If you make up your mind, and anyone says, "Oh, you could have done MUCH better!" then just punch them in the face for me. Hahaha. Those people really piss me off.

DJ Ho said...

i'm not sure if this has anything to do with feng shui, but my aunty had to buy this house with the number 8 on it!

dont 4get to claim the first home owners grant and the concession on stamp duty depending on how much the house is (tax adviser in me speaking!)


m1ng said...

hey move out west! ;)

we still on for tomorrow's catch up ?

PiCkLeS said...

Di: but everyone also seems to have a different opinion about what is good and bad feng shui!

Bosco: I'm praying that it isn't going to drag out for a whole year, i'm already to furniture shop!

Tim: or you can just kick them with those gigantic feet of yours hahha

Matthew: well ahead of you on that one! we're counting on it for furniture though Jacky seems to think he's spending the $7k on a wide screen tv?!?!

Mingoes: i get lost around there remember? haha yeh 6:30pm tonight see you there ...i might hit the shops first.

lil_lamies said...

remember to buy a house with enough room for me to stay over and for betty and her shoes... i mean we are doing it for you too :)

Congie said...

The old, buying a first home aye. So happy for you kients! It's scary crap at first and you'll be pulling your hair out for a month or two like i did but once it settles.. it'll be the second best thing ever to have happened to you guys (go get married, HEHE).

If nothing good comes out nearer the city.. I heard Fairfield East is an alright place to live. =:X

Sarah said...

Wow....we are all sooo grown up now!!!

Good Luck Ems!!! xxxooo