Saturday, April 08, 2006

Recent Eating Adventures

Baba Laska House
I cook lunch to bring to work on most days but now and then we'll meet up with friends for a bite. You can live in Sydney for years and years walk past a place every day and not notice it at all until someone points it out to you, Baba Laksa House is one of these places. It is located on York St and is tucked away inside the building pictured below. The only thing that points to the existence of this place is the little sign outside the door giving a run down of their most popular dishes. Come 12 0’clock the place gets packed! The food comes out fast and the wait staff is polite. My favorite is the Hainanaese chicken rice (you can pick between the breast or thigh) but what I really come for is their chili garlic sauce that leaves me with killer garlic breath.

Jacky had the laksa, I've yet to try it myself but judging by the amount of people that have it, it must be pretty good. Dishes aren’t the cheapest (around $7.80-$9.80) but are consistent with city prices.

Baba Laksa House
ShpG8/ 77 York St Sydney
(02) 9299 5833
Everyone knows that I have a lot of Masuya love, I come here about once every 2 months because I love the service, the food and because I have a frequent diners card.

Oriental Beef Salad: Rare cooked thinly sliced sirloin beef, onion cucumber, coriander, mint leaves with lime citrus dressing $9.80

Sapporo Hot Pot -Seafood, chicken, fishcake, deep-fried tofu, udon noodle, coriander and vegetables in soymilk and dashi soup with fresh chili and garlic$22.80 p.p.

To enjoy this dish you must be a fan of soy milk! although the minimum is for 2 people you can easily feed 3. You start with the soy milk, bring it to a boil and progressively add the seafood, chicken etc.


Basement Level
12-14 O'Connell St Sydney
PH:(02) 9235-2717

Star Bar & Scruffy Murphy's
(The battle of the $5 dollar steaks)
Well not really $5 because Star Bar has now up their prices to $5.95 but I just loveeee steaks! and eating out can get really expensive. I always knew that you could get cheap steaks at the bar, but I always thought 'for $5 it MUST be pretty crap', I was so so wrong!
The only condition is that you have to buy a drink and to me it's bargain no matter how you look at it.
Star Bar
Star Bar has a much nicer atmosphere and is a great place to sit down for a drink after work, but when it comes to the food the clear winner for me is Scruffy Murphy's. It took a lot of convincing before Jacky could get me in there, but now we're there for dinner almost once every week. It's cheaper, the mash is tasty, the gravy is really nice and they provide you with a selection of other sauces (Tomato, sweet chilli & worcestershire).
Scruffy Murphy's
Scruffy Murphy's
43-49 Goulburn St Sydney
PH: (02) 9211 2002

Star Bar
600 George St Sydney
PH: (02) 9267 7827

About 6 years ago Jacky and I were devastated when the whole chain of Quiznos subs closed down. Back then we were such devoted fans of Quiznos we refused go near a Subway. You can imagine our delight when we found out that the stores had re-opened (via the vouchers in the Entertainment book). Today after many years we had our first Sandwich….ahh the memories….

World Square Shopping Centre
Shop 9.6 Goulburn Street Sydney
PH:02 9283 8663


Bosco said...

hmmm food for thought.

thanks em

lil_lamies said...

I bet that $5.95 steak went down well after your drunken episode on Friday night Ems!I love you toooooooooooooo

reverendtimothy said...

Jacky had the laksa, I've yet to try it myself but judging by the amount of people that have it, it must be pretty good.

Well I'd HOPE when eating at a place which calls itself a "Laksa House" that the laksa would be pretty damn good! Hehe.

...And Scruffy Murphys is awesome ;-)

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: You've been very quiet lately!

Twins: I wasn't drunk on Friday! I'm always that happy! and smsing Jacky to to let him know of my 'supposed'condition was totally unecessary! When are you goingt o come eat steak with me?

Tim: see before this year the only time I had been to scruffy's was during a pub crawl back in the uni days.

My shoes stuck to the sticky floor, people were smelly and I just couldnt stand it. so i went outside to get some fresh air only to be propositioned by some old guy to go with him to the back of his truck for money! I couldn't run away faster!

PiCkLeS said...

oH yeh good point about the Laksa house! =P

riss said...

let me know when you go to masuya next! i love that place :)

NfOrCeR said...

yeh the 5.95 steaks are pretty good at starbar.. i use to be a regular there after work LOL but didnt always eat there. It's been $5.95 for as long as I remember, just that on the ads the 95c is in very very tiny supertext.

hmmm Emz drunken episode?? whats this? damn missed out! :P

PiCkLeS said...

Riss: I'll organise a dinner after work for when you get back from NY...i'm sooo envious!

Joel: it was always $5.95?!? well Scruffy's is wayy better and that's $5 for sure.

For the record i was not drunk, and like i said i was just happy. =P

JT said...

I have to say...ever since you made a random comment on my blog a little while ago...I have randomly popped back from time to time for a visit.

Love your food adventures and your stories :) keep it going!

I love Masuyas too !! I miss it.

p.s. Riss and Mark are crashing with me in NY :)