Friday, April 21, 2006

Living in a hole

Some times I really do wonder if I have been living in a hole, I say this because Jacky came home one day and said:
Jacky: "Did you know that there is a food court under Woolies in Town Hall??".
Me: "Oh you mean the Galleries Victoria one?"
Jacky: "No, No I mean directly under Woolworths"
Me: "You mean the one near the IGA and there's a Michel's?"
Jacky: "No under Woolies!"
Me: "There's no stairs to go down, how can there be??"
Jacky: "It's there! I'll show you"

I just wouldn't believe him, I mean I've lived in the City all my life went to Syd Uni and worked next to Woolies in Town Hall for over 5 years! How could I not know if there was a food court there?!!? So this week Jacky took me there for lunch to prove it.
To get there you enter Woolworths on George St, walk straight towards the other end of the store till you see this exit sign and walk through.

When you exit you will come out at a Japanese/Korean supermarket and in front of you, you will see stairs with a big arrow that says "Food Court".

Once you go down you will see a food court full of Asian dishes to choose from, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai you name it! What shocked me the most was that this food court was packed! Every other Asian person in Sydney was here, this reiterated the fact that I MUST have been living in a hole all these years!

Jacky had something Japanese (was really nice) whilst I settled for the beef noodle soup. Prices here are all at the $8 mark, though there seems to be $5 specials from 3pm to 5pm.

Angii I can't believe that I bumped into you here, of all places! see you at Dinner on Thursday.


reverendtimothy said...

Maybe it's a secret asian-only food court, and you weren't deemed to be asian enough to be let in on the secret?

Now that Jacky's revealed it, she'll be punished! :-P

SoRMuiJAi said...

I know the food court you are talking about. Directly ontop of it, there is an amazing little japanese grocery store. You have got to try their Onagiri! Especially the Kimchi or Udon flavoured ones. MMMMmm and its the perfect place to go look for the various japanese ingredients and snacks!

helen said...

I know how you feel. I only found about this place about 18months ago. You can enter from Pitt Street too. I meant to do a post on my bimbimbap but never got around to it =P

riss said...

my work friends and i have been going to this food court for 3 years - it's great! #16 from Melacca Straights Thai is the very yummy, as is the sizzling beef from the korean place.

plus it's always full of asians so you know it's good stuff

it used to be really dirty and smelly, so we affectionately refer to it as Dirty, the uneducated think we're weird when they overhear "so, you wanna hit Dirty for lunch today?". haha.

Bosco said...

Thats interesting.