Thursday, April 13, 2006

La Bora Pizzeria

You got to love Easter! it's that time of the year where you can stuff your face with chocolate for every minute of the day and it's ok because everyone else is doing it too. Back at my old job I wasn't so bad, I use to send out eggs to my clients but now I'm on the client side and we have people send us chocolates all day long. This is 2 of 4 Easter baskets that arrived at work today!

By lunch time I was already feeling pretty full and sick , so to be honest I couldn't give you an accurate account of what the food was like at this restaurant. At 1pm a few of us went to La Bora for a nice Italian lunch in the city (La Bora is one street up from Bar333 when heading from Circular Quay to Town Hall).

Spaghetti Marinara $21.90
Gnocchi with fresh prawns and pesto in a cream sauce $18.90

(I can't remember what these dishes were and their website is currently down so I can't check. I will update when it's back up again). Dee is family friends with the owners of this place so we were given the special treatment, I also had quite a few glasses of wine so to me everything seemed to judge this one yourself.

Happy Birthday Dee!!

La Bora Pizzeria
9a Barrack Street
PH: (02)92335296

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