Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thanh Binh

Sunday 16/04/2006
It gets pretty expensive when you eat out all the time, worst when it's a public holiday. Places are either closed or there is a surcharge; solution - Cabramatta!

All the Thanh Binh's (King St Newtown, John St Cabramatta and Arthur St Cabramatta) up until recently was owned by the same person. But now she only looks after the one in Newtown so you may notice more changes to each of these restaurants in the near future.

I always go to the Arthur Street store, it’s been newly renovated and I’ve had good experiences with the food here. I can’t say that I am a big fan of their Pho or vermicelli salads but this place offers a wide selection (with their menu comprising of a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese food). You are bound to find something that will make you come back for more (for me it’s their rice paper rolls – I can’t explain why but they just do it better than other places!). Below are a few more of my favourites.

Beef Cubes with tomato rice $10, Rice paper rolls with prawn and pork $8
Below is a picture of the rolls that you make yourself. You dip the hard rice paper sheets in the bowl of hot water (just enough to make it soft), you then add the filling i.e. salad, cucumber, pickled carrots, chilli, vermicelli and in my case sugar cane prawn. Roll it all up, dip into sauce and eat! It's absolutely delicious! and healthy too. I would have taken a picture of the finished roll but mine all looked pretty I was too busy eating.

Roll it yourself rice paper rolls with sugar cane prawn $14
Thanks for a fab day Jenny + Twins (you guys are possibly triplets!).

Thanh Binh
33 Arthur St Cabramatta
PH:(02) 9724 9633


Veruca Salt said...

Hello, GYF put me on to your site.

Looks yummy. Did you suck on the sugar cane stalks afterwards?

Silver cutlery? You can't make rollie pollies without chopsticks

PiCkLeS said...

Hello! Great job on the hot cross buns you made with Helen...I didn't end up giving it a go thought I will try to make almond bread soon.

I really struggled to finish the meal! because I was eating a bit of everyone elses food too and i think we use the silver cutlery for the sauces only (hahha it didn't even occur to me). But they do have a whole thing of chopsticks there.

Happy eating!

Bosco said...

Looks like you went to cabra after dark... woooooowww... I once dropped my mate off at cabra at 4am... i then got lost, SCARy!!