Monday, April 24, 2006


I wasn’t too sure whether I should post the pictures of Sugaroom because the photos really don’t do the restaurant and food any justice (I used my camera phone because I didn’t want to keep flashing people when it was pitch black around us). Nevertheless you can be the judge if you choose to go yourself.

I’ve been meaning try Sugaroom since last year when one of my managers suggested it, but for some reason every time I booked a table something would happen and I would have to cancel (this happened 6 times!!). Well on Friday I finally made it there and for me it was worth the wait.

Sugaroom is found just at the end of Harris St at Pyrmont right across the water, the area is quiet and the water views relaxing. We got there at 7pm and the sky was already dark, I don’t remember there being any lights besides the candles and gas heaters that give off a warm glow; the ambience was great! We chose to sit outside under the heater with a nice bottle of wine, but as the night got cooler this turned out to be a pretty bad idea (we suggest sitting inside unless you plan to wear a warm overcoat).
There is quite a good selection of entrees to choose from but we decided to just order 'Bread for the table'. I had just expected plain bread rolls but was pleasantly surprised with the mixture of olive bread, sourdough and soy and linseed that came out.

Prior to coming here we all had a look at the Menu online and had pretty much decided on our mains. However when we got there the waiter whipped out a black board with the specials for the day, the specials were actually more expensive ($28 as opposed to $23)but sounded so so delicious! We each chose a special.

Roasted duck cooked medium rare with gnocchi and cherry jus $28
Pan Fried barramumdi with green beans on a bed of mashed Cannelloni bean $28
(My descriptions sound a bit dodgey because I can't remember how they described it)

The steak =P $28

The sides: Mixed salad ($7) and hand cut potato chips with dipping sauce ($7)

Caramelised apple tarte tatin with vanilla bean ice cream $12
Baked rhubarb tart with a toffee crisp and ice cream $12
'Chocolate assiette' - A selection of chocolate desserts $12
The photo below amuses me because the waiter wanted to take the photo from that side so that we could get in the water views, we can all see it was well worth the effort.

Caroline and Jill I'm really really going to miss you when you guys move overseas, our catch up dinners is definitely something I always look forward to and I hope that one day you will come back. The wider world awaits you and I know that there are bigger and more exciting things in the pipelines. Here is to growing up....

Sugaroom restaurant bar lounge
Shop 2
1 Harris Street
PH: (02) 9571 5055


Ayako said...

Far out, why bother about finding a good restaurant guide/food critic when I can just read your blog?! =) Keep it up!

PiCkLeS said...

ahha thanks Amanda, though my reviews are really really basic...i just love to eat!