Friday, April 07, 2006

More Engagements!

Congrats to Fiona and Anita who both just got engaged....very good job with the rings guys!


Vivien said...

You kids.. *shakes head* :p

petals said...

when will it be your turn Em?


i still recall making a deal with Jacky (way back when) and i insisted that you guys were going to get married and when that happened, i would be the guest of honor!


Dianna said...

I want to see the rings!!! =D

man, viv, who do you think will take the leap of faith first, you or me?

Emily, of course, will go before us. =P

PiCkLeS said...

Viv :P

Christine: No ring on my finger! one step at the time, i think we need to know we can live together b4 that happens.

Di: well one of them is the 3 stone tiffany's one and the other isthe lucinda? square style by tiffany's too

Mark said...

i say di will go first!

and is that anita conte who got engaged?

m1ng said...

congrats emo!