Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tasman's Oyster Bar & Steakhouse

Tonight about 30 of us ventured out to Tasman's Oyster Bar & Steakhouse located on the corner of William and Crown Street in East Sydney to celebrate Billy, Felix and Vi's Birthday. The place is modern and the diners looked dressed to impress (though it was a Saturday night and a long weekend). Inside, the brown wooden finish makes the room extremely stylish yet comfortable; the early signs looked positive and I was ready for a very nice meal.

Since we had such a large group we all went with the 2 course set menu for $48.00 per person. The entrees (1 dish between 4 people) would be shared amongst the group and each person could select a main from the menu. There was plenty of food and before the mains came out I was already quite full.

Oysters natural & kilpatrick
Devil's Calamari - Chilli salted Baby Calamari with a marinated cucumber salad

Garlic Prawns
Smithton Gnocchi - Home made potato Gnocchi, with fresh tomato sauce, tasmanian cheeses and pesto, nested in a cheese basket

Mussels cooked in their own juices, splashed with white wine, diced tomato and herbs
Mixed Green Leaf Salad-Mesclun salad mix with tomatoes, cucumber and a red wine viaigrette

Tasmanian Alantic Salmon Fillet grilled on Cannelloni bean topped with confit of fennel, artichoke and sundried tomato

Ocean Perch cooked in Boags beer batter with hand cut house chips, lemon and tartare sauce
Pork ribs basted in sauce and cooked to perfection on the char grill, served with chips or King Island double cream mash
Overall I really liked this restaurant, we did have a few issues with the waitress getting the orders wrong, forgetting to bring our wine and forgetting to give us bread rolls after 10 reminders. I guess she was new, and with us being such a big group I felt a little sorry for her. Jacky on the other hand wasn't 'wowed' by the food and felt that the gap between entrees and mains took wayyy too long.
I think this would be a great place to have dinner with a smaller group of friends. Although we didn't use it tonight there is also a 25% discount off the bill if you have an entertainment card. Jacky will need some convincing but I'm keen to come again.

A Big Happy Birthday to Billy, Felix & Vi!

Tasman's Oyster Bar & Steakhouse
118 Crown St
East Sydney
PH: 02 9368 0002
JY I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your cocktail party but make sure that you post some pics up!

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