Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I think I’ve finally worked out why I have been putting on so much weight lately. No, not because I eat like there’s no tomorrow or that my metabolism is finally slowing down…but it’s because I’ve cut down on my shopping lately (with the intention of putting the money towards our new place) – It all makes sense now!

Besides having a passion for food I’m also a girlie girl and nothing quite gets my heart racing like a sale. Shoe sales are the worst! I can literally feel the blood pound through me as I prepare to run into battle with all the other crazy women (much like the ones seen at Zomp today). The reason why this is such a good work out, is that in the 1 hour I have for lunch I must strategically plan and power walk through all the shops to cover as much ground as I possibly can. You know that I mean business when I change out of my heels and into flats.

Even Jacky knows the usual drill. Despite his height advantage, he’s usually not as quick as me when it comes to spotting the sales and will be alerted to it but my sudden death grip of his hand. While still in pain he will still know to put out his arms as I fling him my handbag at him and disappear into the frantic crowd.

So the morale of the story? Let your women shop! It keeps them looking good.


princess_party said...

yes i totally agree em! shopping is the best exercise cos you don't even realise you're doing it..esp when you're wearing thats a super workout! =)

Bosco said...

one and two and three and four... gotta do pilates...

i dunno why, fully in my head that.

marknam_rocksmyjocks said...

i don't know, i'm just a guy...but wouldn't girls look better if they went to the gym instead of justifying their shopping habits as a means of exercise? Because quite frankly...guys can't tell crap shoes from good shoes. they look all the same!

And everyone, don't do that crush calculator thing! It's bogus! Emily is evil! :P

PiCkLeS said...

Cynth: Totally!

Bosco: What?!?!

Mark: What makes you think that we buy shoes for guys to look at??!?! and we can justify our shopping habits however we like!

Jerm said...

What is it about a sale or shopping that gets girls(in general) adrenline and heart pumping?

Is it a competition in who gets the better fitting shoe/thing first?

Is it a fear of missing out on something that can be potentially good and at bargain prices?

Is it a desire to be seen as fashionable, or to have a fashionable image?

Is it a hope of finding that one piece of stunning clothing at an affordable price?

PiCkLeS said...

Jerm: For me it would be:
Hope of finding that one piece of stunning clothing at an affordable price?
- There's nothing like a good bargain!

Is it a fear of missing out on something that can be potentially good and at bargain prices?

- Sometimes you see things that you really like and you don't get it because there's better things to spend money on. When it goes on sale that previously unattainable something is within reach.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
Long time no see. What a small world. I just saw a pic of you and cindy and other people that I know! Freaky huh? How do you know them anyway?


Bosco said...

you know, like kanye...

Mark said...

i will never understand girls. never. ever. ever

PiCkLeS said...

Bernie: Yeh it's been a while! I don't think that I have seen you in person since Adrian's 21st. You probably saw me in pics with ur friends at one of our friends 21st...very small world. My boyfriend is family friends with Connie's family too.