Saturday, April 22, 2006


As often as I eat out I'm not very good when it comes to picking the Chinese restaurants. Usually my parents will decide and do the ordering; I’m just happy to eat. The best thing is that they can always read the specials on the walls and pick dishes that don’t appear on the English version of the menu. I was very excited when my God Sister Barbara called me out for dinner at Zilver. I had heard about the place but wasn't too sure where it was.
The restaurant is located in the building opposite the Capital Theatre building (Harry's hotdog's side). Once you are there I'm sure that you'll recognise it, many of you will have been there for yum cha before Zilver took over (remember the $15 all you can eat yum cha? or the $30 all you can eat steamboat?).

I was shocked at the changes, they did a great job with the renovations. The place looked really classy and modern with the d├ęcor separating it from your usual Chinese restaurant. We spoke to the waiters in cantonese so they were quite good at recommending their 'special dishes'.

As with all Chinese restaurants you get things to nibble on before your meal, but instead of your usual peanuts and pickled carrot here you get sweet peanuts, salty peanuts and a dish of marinated cucumber.

Scallops steamed with shallots, ginger and soy (the scallops were huge)
Free range chicken with dipping salt

Pumpkin stuffed with a mixture of seafood in a satay sauce and baked

I really liked it here and will be bringing my parents here for sure.

Level 1, 477 Pitt Street,
Haymarket, Sydney
PH: (o2) 9211 2232


helen said...

The pumpkin looks very cool!

Bosco said...

Did you get the urge to make eyes and mouth in the pumpkin?

NfOrCeR said...

Considering they did spend a lotta money on renovating the place you'd think it better be good :)

Went there for yumcha a while back. It's pretty nice but a bit expensive. Dont like the seats though! So low. or maybe the table was just too high... hehe

NfOrCeR said...

You really need to add DATES as well on your comments cos I cant remember when I posted that last one LOL

anyway, I've been back a few times for yumcha since my last comment and the food is YUM! Theres always something new to try out.

Our family went there for yum cha and dinner on NYE on the weekend. We had the lobster in ginger n shallot *drools*, the free range chicken (not as meaty as your one!!), honey chrysanthemum pork ribs and some lobster fried rice (recommended by one of the managers after we decided not to eat boiled rice) and OMG was I soooo bloated!

Lucky we walked a lot before and after from shopping and to the fireworks otherwise I would've died haha