Monday, May 01, 2006

I think It's called growing up

Despite how calm I look or how calm I sound I’m so anxious that I feel physically ill. My sister keeps telling me ‘Relax! Buying your first place is suppose to be one of the happiest times of your life’. I’m sure that this will be the case once I have bought the place, but the whole process leading up to it is really stressful. Through all our property hunting we see more places that we don’t like than like and looking to move North or East is just out of the question with property prices the way that they are.

We’ve found a place we like and I’m going to call to make an offer tomorrow (after the announcement about interest rates) it can go either way because we are competing against 2 other families who have also made offers. It’s for a cute 3 bedroom 2 level townhouse on a quiet street; it has 2 bathrooms, a double garage and a nice backyard. Travel to the city would be no more than 30 mins by train.

To get yourself to a stage where you want to make an offer you need to really let yourself love the place, you even start to imagine what life would be like living there. This is dangerous because I know that if I don’t get it I will be upset. I am a strong believer that if it’s meant to be it will…I just cant bear the thought of starting all over again.


lil_lamies said...

Ems it'll work out in the end, dont rush into it, its not a race. Take your time and find the house that you really love :)

Dianna said...


Veruca Salt said...

I feel you. We looked at property for about a year and were starting to get quite depressed. Too many needed work or if it was nearly perfect, the price was too high.

Then one day, we saw an ad in local paper, checked it out of the Wednesday and bought it at auction on the Saturday. I burst into tears when the auctioneer said SOLD and pointed in our direction. I was still shaking when they shook my hand.

My tip, if you are going to an auction, do not show them how much you love it place. Just leads to a price war.

Take your time and you will find the perfect place when you least expect it. I promise!

PiCkLeS said...

Twins: Yeh i know but i think i've found somewhere and the wait is a killer. Then you battle with 'am i rushing things?' you could seriously look forever!

You also start to feel like you're hanging in limbo where you're ready to move but you can't so you feel stuck, not to mention weekend after weekend of looking we do up to 14 properties each Saturday.

Diana: Thanks

Veruca: Wow 1 year is a very long time! i don't think i'd survive an auction the thought of not getting something you really love would just kill me!

I just hope things work out with this one...the anxiety is putting me off my food!!

Bosco said...

Good luck, i hope it works out for ya. Buying a place is quite stressful, especially the admin stuff. I wish i can take some time off work just to do everything. Lucky I have mum.