Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Back from my holiday. We went to Terrigal and The Hunter Valley but because it rained on the last two days we didn't end up going to The Entrance or Port Stephens. The break was relaxing, and for once we actually didn't take any photos.
Dad's over from Hong Kong for the next 2 weeks, to celebrate his arrival and my new job I took my family out to dinner at Masuya. Instead of writing a review again I'm just going to cheat a little by posting a comment I made to Bosco a few weeks ago.
The Masuya restaurant is owned by the same people who run Makoto and Musashi with these two restaurants giving off a more relxed and casual feel.
Masuya on the other hand is more restaurant like - the good thing being that it is very affordable. Entrees start at $12-16 and mains start from around $18?The Sushi and Sashimi is standard and presentation is good. A must try is their Japanese style 'steam boat' where instead of a clear broth they use a soy bean milk as base, it's very heavy and texture is a bit like a laska soup. It looked interesting and tasted pretty good.
Suprisingly a lot of the people that frequent is Japanese, so if they are able to fill the tables with some of the biggest critics then they must be doing something right. A must try if you haven't done so already. Do make sure you book because the place gets very busy!
They have quite a big selection of Mocktails, but my Pina Colada was a little strange must be Japanese style
Eel Bow Sushi$14.80, Tuna & Avocado Salad$8.80
Sashimi Boat $56

Sapporo Hot Pot $23 per person -Because the waitress served us, I didn't get to take a photo before she placed most of the items (crab, mussels, fish) into the soya bean milk soup. A very interesting twist on the usual Asian steamboat.
My dad bought us one of these, and because I have to give my company phone back to Hudson I bought myself one of these.


DJ Ho said...

Kagoya in Hurstville all the way!

I love that place plus its in the entertainment booklet.

PiCkLeS said...

The one at Hurstville is nice but if you're looking at comfort, service Masuya outscores that by far and pricing is pretty similar if you get the set menus.

Anonymous said...

came across your blog.

Thanks so much for the detailed description of the soy bean milk steamboat. There was a similar post on the restaurant search. Definitely going to give it a go now. is the steam boat enough or do u need to order side stuff like sashimi, sushi etc?


PiCkLeS said...

Hi Anonymous,

Depends on how many people you have. If there is 2-3 people "steam boat for 2 people" is plenty!

If you have 4-5 people you may want to order extra sushi etc just for the variety and then get "steam boat for 2 people" to share amongst you all.

Happy eating