Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cocktails @ JY's

It was a fun and relaxing night
With plenty of cocktails...
And a few games of Charades. The highlight of my night had to be Ken and his crotch pointing 'Free Willy' moment.
Thank you JY for a great night!


Driving around Epping last night was very strange for me. It brought back a flood of childhood memories that I had long forgotten. It’s funny how much I could remember, I was only so small. The streets were all so familiar, if I ignored the details it would almost look as though nothing had changed.

I remember walking past the brown cellar doors with the hand painted grapes and running my fingers along the wood panels, I think that someone took me there for pizza once but my memories are a little jumbled. The wood panels are gone but the oval windows are still there, in its place is a Korean BBQ…time escapes no one.

I pretty much grew up in Epping because her family would baby sit me whilst my parents were at work; my parents were always at work. My sister wasn’t born till I was 5 and if it wasn’t for her I would have been a very lonely child.

She was five years older than me, had hair like mine and the best Barbie play set on earth! We fought; we hung out and did everything that real sisters would do. When she had school holidays she would come over my place and then I’d be the boss because we were in my domain!

Then I started school and because of the distance we saw each other less and less (as you get older it also becomes less cool to hang out with someone 5 years younger than you). I never forgot her, and when we did see each other we’d always share all our secrets.

I haven’t seen or spoken to her in years; I don’t even know where she is. Last night brought back too many memories – I have to find her.


thegreatwhitehope said...

Sounds like a fun night, sad that I missed out on it =/ The photos bring it all to life.

Good luck finding your friend =)

princess_party said...

good to see u and jacky getting into the charade action last night! loved jacky's "dancing" actions hehe.

i too had a childhood friend who i haven't seen in yrs. we used to play together every day after school..she moved away and we drifted apart and i haven't seen her in since..but then last year i was trawling through some xangas and saw a picture of her on someone's xanga! lol..i also found another childhood friend who i haven't seen since i was 10 in malaysia through icq. my theory is that we are all connected through the if u trawl hard and wide enough through the WWW i'm sure u'll find her =)

DJ Ho said...

put up a missing persons poster :p

e.g. "long lost childhood friend......been missing since 1995, has hair like mine and an awesome barbie collection. Whereabouts unknown. Last seen on the streets Enfield" - Contact pickos.