Saturday, December 31, 2005

Michelle's Farewell

Michelle is heading off to travel Japan for 1 year, so a few friends gathered to wish her an excellent trip.

The night involved a lot of games, who knew Pictionary could get so intense!

Then there was Jenga and the poker game that never really happened because no one knew how to play.

I left at about 10pm only to head off to a night of learning to play poker with Jacky and the WoW boys. Jacky didn't have much beginner's luck and lost 10 bucks. We left early but I heard that Glen cleaned up the night $250 richer (Glen I really think that you can afford to buy me a pair of shoes with your winnings) =P


reverendtimothy said...

So nobody used the Poker set because you didn't know how to play?

Haha, what about Blackjack, or Thirteen or Cheat? Or any other card game you can gamble on?

Please tell me those chips had SOME use during the night! :-P (Other than throwing at people, of course)

PiCkLeS said...

reverendtimothy: It was just a really hot day in Sydney so everyone was very restless.

I read back on your blog a while ago and saw the entry about you going to get a bikini wax?? that's nuts!