Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here's an idea...

Work is still a bit slow at the moment so I chat with my friend Luke (a fellow recruiter) over email. Luke got engaged last year and is looking to get married somewhere really swanky in the next 12 months. He mentioned that he had to stick to a guest list of 100 people. I started having a whinge that it would be very hard for me to stick to only 100 guests when the time came.

This is what he suggested:

“Hold interviews with every potential guest to screen for their levels of motivation.

Obtain references from previous weddings that they've attended

Maybe an admission fee should be charged? That would deter the stingy people

Not that hard to get to 100 then... : )”
Nice Luke Nice.


DJ Ho said...

i guess that's what happens when recruiters talk :P

I'm sure i'd have to cater for AT LEAST 100 random family friends/long lost relatives who regulary turn up at weddings.

reverendtimothy said...

Hahahaha. That's a fantastic idea.

It should be used everywhere.

"Sorry sir, if you'd like to see this movie, you need to present 50 points of identification, followed by a clearing time for police background check. When cleared, you then will sit an interview to determine which movies you have seen previously and how you rated them. If you rate "Meet Joe Black" with a score higher than "4", we cannot allow you into any cinema ever again."