Friday, January 13, 2006

Slide bar-restaurant-club

I caught up with Rodna, Caroline and Jill on Friday night at Slide bar-restaurant-club in Darlinghurst for a spot of dinner. Unfortunately the website doesn’t show any photos of the actual place because it is the unusual d├ęcor that makes this bar-restaurant-club a unique experience.
This place is a mix of everything from crystal chandeliers to the scribbles of modern art hung around the walls, emphasized by fluro blue spotlights. The dining area is on a raised platform highlighted by blue and white floor lights (think Saturday night fever style), you almost feel as though you have stepped into a different dimension.
The food
We selected this restaurant because the prices seemed pretty reasonable with Mains around $16, sides around $5 and dessert $8. If you order your dinner before 7:30pm you get 10% off the total bill (come to think of it, I don’t think that they gave it to us and no one on the table remembered).

Whilst the prices appear to be reasonable you end up getting what you pay for. The portions were pretty small and when Caroline’s snapper came with nothing else besides soy sauce, she ordered white rice and was charged another $5.

Rodna and I ordered ‘medium’ for our beef tenderloins and pretty much got a rare piece of steak, because it was so small it seemed like too much of a hassle to have it taken back to the kitchen. There were only 2 desserts to choose from, lemon tart and tiramisu and both were very ordinary.

Slider Cocktail : Vodka, peach schnapps, watermelon liqueur, guava, ruby grapefruit & cranberry juice $9
Roast Duck: Homemade pancakes, finely sliced cucumber & hoi sin sauce $18

Beef Tenderloin :Flame grilled with chunky fries $20

I don't think that I will come back for dinner in a hurry, but I highly recommend this place if you're looking for somewhere to have drinks.


reverendtimothy said...

Rare is the only way to have it! ;-)

As my grandpa used to say: "Rip it's horn's off, wipe it's ass, and bung it on a plate!"

PiCkLeS said...

Tim: See I don't mind medium where it's pink in the middle - maybe a little blood, but no matter how hard i try i can't get over the texture...if it wasnt so chewy I could probably just swallow it. In the end i ate all the cook bits around the steak.

Grandparents are funny people.