Monday, January 30, 2006

Cocktail Party / Dinner and an Engagement

Friday Night Cocktail Party

Hosted by Katina - Thanks for a really enjoyable night Kat!

Feeling really short here with everyone in their heels, I took off my shoes so that I wouldn't slip in the kitchen. We're missing Nat in this photo

Prosciutto & Rockmelon- seems to be very popular at parties these days

Thank you Roula for organising the platters

Dessert galore!! Deana's homemade Tiramisu was amazing! who knew that so few girls could eat so much.
Bigger size pics Here

Friday Night CNY Dinner

Had to leave the cocktail party early to have a late dinner (11:00pm) with Jacky's Family in Beverly Hills for CNY.

Remember Baby Issacc look how big he is now!

Saturday Night Engagement

Luke & Sally's Engagement - West Pennant Hills

Congratulations to the both of you! After 7 years it was about time!!


Sophia said...

isaac is so cute! :)

Betty said...

What a fabulous night, great drinks, delicious food and sexy company, who needed the porn at the end of the night.

Anonymous said...

came across your blog.

Thanks so much for the detailed description of the soy bean milk steamboat. There was a similar post on the restaurant search. Definitely going to give it a go now. is the steam boat enough or do u need to order side stuff like sashimi, sushi etc?