Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The Chinese name for this restaurant translates to “without boundaries” and rightly so. In a modern yet casual setting this restaurant offers a wide variety of cuisines. Whether you are a fan of Asian food or would fancy a steak, pasta or risotto, the Excelsior is sure to offer something that will tickle your fancy.
The place is very clean and the wait staff friendly and polite (although it could be because the head waiter was a friend of my uncles). Their wide selection of soups start from $5 and entrees around $10. Mains start from $10 with the most expensive item no more than $20. If you live around Kogarah and you are looking for a cheap eat, check this place out.

Starter: Seafood Soup $7.80

Entrees: Oyster Kilpatrick & Mornay, Salmon & Avocado salad $12.50
The oysters were really good, especially the mornay! the salad tasted a lot better than how it looked but is nothing exciting.
Mains: Sweet& Sour Seafood with rice, Peppered Steak $18.00

The cut of steak was tender and cooked exactly how I wanted it but be warned that if you order the peppered steak they go real heavy with the pepper

Level Basement
7 Belgrave St

Phone: 02 9553 1866


So I went there again tonight with a different group of family friends and I got some more pictures (using my camera phone to be discreet).

The outside and inside of the Restaurant

Spaghetti bologanise $9.00 (a bit on the sweet side), Baked seafood Spaghetti ($12.50) -I advise that you share this because It's very rich.

Desserts: A type of custard with fruit underneath and ice cream on top, Soufflé, pancake with strawberries in the middle. Sorry I have no idea of prices because they were recommendations by the owner, I would say that they range from $10 to $15 at the most.


Betty said...

Ems, are you eating your way around Sydney? The food looks delicious, I almost feel like sneezing from the excessive pepper!

Bosco said...

nice post... can I get you on speed-dial as a resturant consultant?

DJ Ho said...

Curious - do you ever eat at home? Your food bill must be huge...unless someone else pays

PiCkLeS said...

Betty: We've got dinner with Di this Sat!

Bosco: hey this place is nice and close for you!

Ho: yes i generally always eat at home on week days, i try to save money at work by bringing lunch from home. Yes my food bill is huge!

and yes i need to cut back because i'm scared to look at my bank account.

Homegirlsays said...

Everytime I come on here,I always suddenly feel hungry.
I wonder why? ;)

PiCkLeS said...

hhaha is that a good or bad thing?

Hoi said...

Have to agree that Excelsior is good, though you probably like it more than me - I wouldn't go there for most of its Chinese food because I don't really like the Western touches in some of them and definitely wouldn't eat Western food there, and most of their food seems a bit overpriced to me. Their baked tomato pork rice (not sure if that's its exact name), however, is very good. Actually, I think most of their baked stuff is pretty good.

Give the baked tomato rice a go - it's real good stuff. I guess part of it is because, as a Chinese restaurant, I usually go there with my parents who are unlikely to try out any of their non Chinese stuff. Still, glad you found another good local restaurant!

Hoi said...

Ho - a lot of people go out for food far more than Emily. I wouldn't be surprised if I did. I think she's pretty good with it, actually - saving money on the small meals to go for more nice meals. Not a bad plan of attack. If you add the money that you spend on lunch at work and the money spent on Friday/Sat nights on alcohol and other stuff, you might end up spending as much as she does!

C'mon man, eating out is not too bad. Take Dawen to more nice places - you know you wanna pimp! :D