Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meet the Chongs

Caught up with my 2 cousins for dinner tonight haven't seen them in a few years, the boys have grown up so quickly!!! When did I become so old?!?!

Wilson (right) has always been a walking brain and is studying Med at Melbourne Uni. I'm very proud of him and I tend to get very amused at the idea that my little cuz will one day be Doctor Chong =P.
Martin (left) has just finished school and is having a break until he decides what he wants to do. He is a fitness fanatic who idolises Bruce Lee. At 18 he has a black belt in martial arts and a 6 pack which puts Jacky's abs to shame. My cousins are half Korean and half chinese and it's great to see the mix of cultures in their backgrounds.
Then there's my sister Sophia who probably doesn't want me writing about her on this blog...

4 out of 17 grand kids


Sophia said...

awww.. i'm such a midget next to all you tall people :(

story of my life.

lil_lamies said...

sopia i feel your pain my dear... i really do