Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Straya Day!

To celebrate Australia Day we went on the Skywalk. I was hoping it'd be like Matty's experience in Macau but the Australian version is very "safe" and you feel slightly restricted at times. The view is excellent! and there's nothing like getting a birds eye view of the place you call home.

The walk goes for about 1.5 hours, where for half an hour they dress you up and talk through safety. The walk at night time is a little more expensive, but if I got to do it again I'd definitely do it at night.


thegreatwhitehope said...

It looks cool!

I've heard that they spend too much time of the 1.5 hours going through all the safety stuff. In Macau they just hooked us up and sent us out there - it was one of the coolest things ever =) It also cost about $30, so pretty cheap.

PiCkLeS said...

Next time i go HK i'm going to Macau just to do that!