Friday, February 03, 2006

Hudson Black Tie awards @ The Little Snail

What: Hudson Accounting and Finance NSW Awards night for 2005

Where: Little Snail

When: Thursday the 3rd of February - 7pm to 12pm

Dress: Guys tuxedos, Girls formal/cocktail dresses
The little Snail is located in Pyrmont with parking found in the side streets or nearby at Star City. Inside, the decorations are bright and the upstairs floor has a nice open view of Harbourside. This was my 3rd visit to The Little Snail and whilst the service is good I have had mixed experiences with the food overall rating it as pretty average. For $44 you select 3 courses from the menu (but you can often find 20% discount vouchers online or on shop-a-dockets).

Hudson works you really hard but they throw excellent parties! This was only a small one with for the Accounting and Finance recruiters and their support staff (around 70 people) The company provided champagne for the night and paid for all three courses.

Entrees: snails (one dozen) in the shell with garlic butter, Duck Liver Pate flavoured with brandy
Yes, I had the snails but because I haven't had snails elsewhere I can't compare it with anywhere else. It was a bit of a mistake because the garlic is very heavy and I was embrassed to mingle with other people for the rest of the night!

Mains: chicken breast fillet with a balanced combination of honey & ginger sauce, Whole river trout roasted and served with a dill and lemon sauce
The girl who had the chicken said that the meat was cooked to perfection but the taste of the sauce was very sweet and was a bit weird. The trout was nice, but is a bit hard to eat because of all the little bones. You can usually get the same dish with a different cut of fish (usually barramundi) so make sure you check for blackboard specials.

Dessert: Poached Pear in cinnamon and red wine, Traditional Creme Caramel, Profiteroles topped with chocolate sauce, Mango and Coconut Bavarois
It could be just me but I'm not a massive fan of their desserts, the poached pear had a bit too much alcohol which overwhelms the taste (compared to the one I had at Jazushi which I really enjoyed) and the Profiteroles are very sweet, a bit too sweet for my liking. I give my thumbs up to the Mango and Coconut Bavarois and Creme Caramel.

The Little Snail Restaurant
Open 7 days for Lunch and Dinner
50 Murray StPyrmont
Tel: (02) 9212 7512


Chris said...

Cool blog!!

Name That Toon

DJ Ho said...

I went there once, and the food was horrible. We had the trout, and I couldn't eat half of it coz there was too many bones and it was just unedible and too small. It was bad! Dawen had the kangaroo fillet steak thingy and the sauce was just way too sweet. The snails are huge.

The only good thing was that the 3 course meal was $30 since I had it before 6.30pm but it was a rip off. Service was crappy too AND i almost tripped over that raised stair at the bottom level.

Just curious, do you carry a camera with you all the time and do the people eating the dishes mind you taking the photos?

Oh, in case i forget, it was a GREAT restaurant. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

PiCkLeS said...

Chris: Thanks

Ho: I own a sony ericsson k750i which has a 2 mega pixel camera. Most of my friends know that I like to write about food now and they like to join in on the fun.