Tuesday, May 30, 2006

June Already??

I'm pretty bad when it comes to posting these days; May was just a crazy month where my calendar was just choc-a-block. I'm kind of hoping for some quiet nights in before work gets really busy between August to October. However, with the house, our 8 year anniversary, Sarah coming back and Roula's wedding...it seems highly unlikely.

Below are some pictures from last Saturday at the Westwoods where we celebrated Mr. Westwood’s 50th something birthday and Nikki’s fabulous cake making skills. In the Westwood’s household there are only candles for ‘21’ and ‘50’ so after you turn 21 you stay at 21 till you reach 50 and when you reach 50 you stay at 50 forever.

Happy Birthday Mr Westwood!


lil_lamies said...

Do I have a lazy eye, or was I insanely sleepy? Ready for 'Amateur Night' Ems?


Sarah said...

Ha ha thats my family!!!!

It makes you feel younger...thats my family's secret!!!

See All You Guys soon!!!!

m1ng said...

Cute dog outfits they got going there.